Lorie Chaussey

Lorie ChausseyI have taught this enchanting, challenging, creative, non-fiction, generational writing course (Legacy: Reading and Writing Your Life Story, LLA 0239) to younger students for several years, but Scott Cashman, Harper CE personal enrichment program manager, had the inspiration to offer it to adults. So how did it go? Let the students tell you!

  • "Yes, this class met my expectations; I think it would anyone's!" 
  • "When I began this class, I was not sure I could, or would write, but after being made to feel so welcome, I found that I can write, and I have a lot to share with others." 
  • "The instructor is welcoming, creative, and full of ideas."
  • "Because of this class, I am inspired to become an English instructor when I return to my country. 
  • "You run a great class & your ideas inspire me."
  • "Thanks for making me feel so welcome."

As a writing instructor of various genres, I have to admit that I am particularly fond of this course because of the class design. For example, one aspect is the impact the guest readers have had on my classes. These fascinating writers from the community not only read their personal stories, but they share the history of our society in ways that have prompted my students to think more deeply about their lives.

Additionally, even though our class involves sharing, not all of my students chose to share their life stories as legacies; that is okay, because either way, whether you keep your life stories private, or you share them with current, or future, family and friends, I am confident that you will learn, enjoy, and continue writing your life stories long after the course ends, or at least until you enroll in the next one!!!