Who Likes InZone?

InZone campers, that's who!

Kaitlyn: Variety is her middle name

Photo of Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn loves the variety that InZone offers. She can do her favorite hobbies, cooking and art, in one session, and then improve her acting and basketball skills in the next. And there are always plenty of new courses to try. This year she plans to make apps for her iPhone. Want to join her?

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Bake It, Take It - LKD0727
Film Acting: Quiet on the Set! - LKD0103
Making an iPhone App - LKD0095

Daniel: Exploring Everything 

Photo of Daniel

From science and sports to music and robots, the things you can explore seems unlimited. Daniel loves to investigate and solve problems, and at InZone he can do this in a number of ways. In fact, he is usually having so much fun, he forgets he's actually learning! 

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Adventures in Robot Building - LKD0069
CSI - LKD0684
A Matter of Chemistry - LKD0100


Alexa: The Top Five Things to Do at InZone

Photo of Alexa

Alexa has been enjoying InZone for years. She knows there are lots of exciting things happening at InZone outside of the classroom. She wants to share these top five things not to miss:

  1. Go head-to-head on the court with Harper coaches. What a rush!
  2. Dress up on Friday Fun days by wearing your most patriotic outfit or crazy fashions.
  3. Stop by and say "Hi" to Nurse Margaret. She's got your back!
  4. Enjoy a big plate of homemade mac-n-cheese in the cafeteria. So good!
  5. Make sure you get your free t-shirt and show your InZone pride!

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Build Your Own Electric Guitar II - LMU0203
Girl Power: Technology for Girls - LKD0016
Japanese I - LKD0685