Why InZone?

Kids get to engage their minds, explore their interests and enjoy summer.

InZone surpasses other camps by offering nearly 200  courses encompassing an incredible variety of indoor and outdoor activities with countless opportunities to learn and have fun. Plus, our personalized approach means you have choices. You choose the sessions and class times that fit your schedule, including before/after care and lunch options, and you choose the kinds of courses that will inspire your child most. 

Plus, InZone is:


We are committed to ensuring your child's safety. All instructors and staff working directly with campers have passed a statewide criminal background check. Our student to adult ratio is 8:1. We will know your child, and he or she will know us. Because scrapes, bumps, and bruises happen when kids play and upset stomachs and dizziness occur in the heat, InZone also has a professional nurse on site to tend to all campers.

In the event of an emergency, InZone, in coordination with the Harper Police Department, has established Emergency Procedures.


InZone has it all: variety, options, a huge range of subjects, and college-grade facilities. In the morning, your camper can about learn the physics of motion and that afternoon put a basketball in motion through the hoop. Nothing but net, baby!


InZone offers a fun summer for students and convenience for parents. Configure camp the way yo want it:

  • Classes are offered Monday through Friday at four time slots from 9 am - 4:10 pm.
  • Before and After Care is available from 7 am to 6 pm.
  • Lunch Options include a prepaid meal plan, bring your own brown bag, or buy lunch in our dining facility.

Come for one class, one session or the whole summer. Combine classes for a half-day or full-day of activities. Before and After Care gives you options to do what works best for your family.


It's camp. It's all about kids having fun. How much more kid-friendly can you get?