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FOREIGN POLICY BOOK CLUB (LLI 7024): At each session of this class, participants will read what they regard as important quotations or passages from that week’s selected book and discuss what they learned or thought was especially interesting. All class members are encouraged to comment and share their ideas. Monday, June 18, 9-11 a.m.: “A World in Disarray” by Richard Haas; Monday, July 16, 9-11 a.m.: “World Order” by Henry Kissinger; Monday, September 17th 9-11 a.m.: “Dereliction of Duty” by H.R. McMaster. Please note Dereliction of Duty will start in the fall semester. Participants are responsible for acquiring their own copy of each book. Discussions are led by Gary Midkiff.

IN THE BEGINNING: UNDERSTANDING CREATION IN GENESIS (LLI 6084): You will consider the creation narrative as found in Genesis and explore such questions as the relationship between science and the Bible, literature genres, Hebrew cosmology, other Near East creation stories, the days of creations, Adam and Eve, and the meaning of creation for people today. Taught by Harper College Professor Bill Pankey.

MARGARET FULLER: A PASSIONATE LIFE (LLI 6087): Margaret Fuller, one of the lesser-known of America’s most talented women, lived a life of passion and adventure. She was one of the foremost intellectuals of the early 19th century, the first female foreign war correspondent from the United States, and a good friend of Emerson and Thoreau. But she had a fatal flaw: she lived only according to her emotions, her deep and passionate feelings, and this led her to an early death.

SECRET PLACES, UNKNOWN SPACES (LLI 6074): In a two-part series with a spring 2018 premiere at Harper, author and historian Jerome M. O’Connor will present two chapters of his new book. To be released on the eve of the 75th anniversary marking the end of World War II, the book, which is being considered as a film documentary, will reveal the existing places that contributed to the victory. As examples, enter the unchanged locale where General Eisenhower ordered the D-Day invasion of Europe. Walk the same air bases in England from where the mighty Eighth Air Force flew against Nazi Germany. 

THE GELASIAN DECREE: THE “APPROVED” BOOK LIST OF THE BIBLE (LLI 1168): The Gelasian Decree from the 6th century CE includes both the “approved” list of biblical texts (the canon) and the original “banned book” list (the rejected texts). Although some of the texts mentioned in the decree are lost to history, the numerous copies of others suggest that this ancient “hit list” of texts that Christians shouldn’t consider authentic may have actually made them all the more enticing! Join us for a quick tour of this fascinating document, which itself may be a forgery, and explore its significant ripple effects through history.

Please note: Not all classes are offered every semester. 

Classes are offered at the Harper College Main Campus as well as at our partner locations. Please check the current schedule or call 847.925.6300 to confirm the location of your class.