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GREENS, GRAINS, AND BEANS: WHOLE-FOOD, PLANT-BASED NUTRITION (LLI 1104): Whole-food, plant-based nutrition is emerging as one of the most popular trends of this century. That is good news considering the skyrocketing rates of obesity and serious chronic diseases in the USA. Instructor Joan Davis, RN, MS, will describe the surprising research and pioneering doctors helping people recognize the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Whether you’re just curious or already committed to better eating, this class will provide information and inspiration towards better health and a longer life. 

THE BLUE ZONE (LLI 6073): The National Geographic article on Blue Zones was one of the most popular ever published. Author Dan Buettner went on to write four best sellers on Blue Zones, the areas where folks not only live extraordinarily long lives, but do so with abundant energy. You will go on a virtual “hunt” to track down recognized “pockets of longevity” around the world including one found in the USA. Discover the secrets those living in the Blue Zones have to teach us, and focus on how they can enter their own personal “Blue Zone” of health and longevity.

WINE 101: SIP & SAMPLE (LLI 0027): Engage your senses as you bask in the aromatic qualities of various wines. Explore your palette preferences; learn how wines interact with different appetizers; discover some tricks of the trade from your wine guide. Not sure you like wine? This is the perfect class for you. We cater to beginners and offer both red and white wines. As with all classes, serving alcohol, students must be at least 21 to enroll. Susan Mulvey earned her Wine Sommelier Certificate from Harper College’s Continuing Education program.


Please note: Not all classes are offered every semester. 

Classes are offered at the Harper College Main Campus as well as at our partner locations. Please check the current schedule or call 847.925.6300 to confirm the location of your class.