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PIANO REVIVAL CONTINUED (LLI 0123): As a continuation of our Piano Revival class, Levonne Mrozinski will help you master basic piano techniques and develop musicianship and repertoire in a relaxed atmosphere. The class is limited to eight students to ensure plenty of personal attention. If you have not taken Piano Revival, you may enroll in this class with instructor approval. Students will be required to purchase a music book. 

THE BEATLES: THEIR HISTORY IN AN HOUR (LLI 7011): As a musical entity, the Beatles has not existed for over 45 years, yet their story, their personalities and most importantly their music continues to influence our culture and our expectations of popular music. With the use of audio and visual content, participants will learn the arc of the Beatles career from their origins in Liverpool, through Beatlemania into their psychedelic phase and finally their dissolution. Gain an appreciation for the Beatles incredible productivity, their musical and lyrical maturity, and their cultural impact.


Please note: Not all classes are offered every semester. 

Classes are offered at the Harper College Main Campus as well as at our partner locations. Please check the current schedule or call 847.925.6300 to confirm the location of your class.