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CARING TIPS FOR ALZHEIMER’S FAMILY CAREGIVERS (LLI 7034): Dementia and Alzheimer’s create difficult moments for spouses, families, and caregivers. In this seminar, Kelly Hutchison, Home Instead Senior Care Alzheimer’s expert, helps families learn how to care for memory loss victims. What do we say or do when we are accused stealing the checkbook? What do we say to someone hallucinating in the middle of the night? Loved ones will gain an understanding of the changes experienced by memory loss victims. Attendees will also learn tips and specific words to use when caring for a loved one with Dementia.

EVERYDAY PSYCHOLOGY (LLI 7040): Psychology helps make sense of the world around us by studying human behavior and mental processes with the goal of helping to change and improve the lives of people and the world in which we live. While often thought of as a discipline that examines the self, you will learn to use psychology as a powerful tool to help understand how others are behaving and why. You will develop skills that help you discern behavioral patterns in our often complicated and dynamic culture. Sarah Nogala earned her master’s degree at Argosy University in Chicago and is currently working as a Professor of Psychology at the Northbrook College of Healthcare and at St. Augustine College.

MEDICARE: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE AND AFTER (LLI 6076): For those aged 65 or more, the Medicare Insurance programs provide a comprehensive set of services: hospitalization, medical insurance, and prescription drugs. But to get the most out of these services, you need to know and understand the services and the options available to you so that you can make the best choices for your personal health plan. Presented in an easy to understand way, you will learn what the Medicare parts A, B, C, and D and related options offer for your healthcare advantages.Time includes an extra hour that will be dedicated to answering questions.

PHILOSOPHY AS A COUNSELING TOOL (LLI 6088): Over the last decade or so, a movement called Philosophical Counseling has sprung up. Philosophical counselors, or philosophical practitioners, use philosophical literature and skills from logic to help people deal with life’s difficulties and the many ways we can get in the way of our own happiness. We will take a look at the approach taken by philosophical counseling and discuss its potential benefits as well as its limitations.

THE ENNEAGRAM: WINDOW TO THE SOUL (LLI 1143): Rosemary Hurwitz introduces the Enneagram of Personality to help you unlock the door to your deeper self. Enneagrams describe nine types: the good reformer, the loving giver, the effective achiever, the original romantic, the wise observer, the loyal skeptic, the joyful adventurer, the powerful protector, and the peaceful mediator. We may share aspects of several types but are most at home with one. Understanding this helps you clearly understand your gifts and challenges. Rosemary is a Holistic teacher, coach, and author. This class is a helpful introduction to the four-week “Who You Are Called To Be” series offered in spring.

EVERYDAY SOCIOLOGY (LLI 1197): Sociology helps make sense of the world around us by considering social behavior in the context of the origins, development, organization, networks, and institutions that impact our social relationships. Instructor Bilal Hussain earned his masters degree at Loyola University Chicago and is currently working on a Loyola PhD in sociology. He began his college career as a student at Harper and has now returned to teach as a member of the Diverse Faculty Fellows program. Take this class to develop some tools to help analyze trends and behavior in our ever-changing and complex society. 

MORE EVERYDAY SOCIOLOGY (LLI 7039): In this follow up to Everyday Sociology, you will utilize the concepts discussed in the original class to examine real world, contemporary problems in our society. Bilal Hussain will introduce issues that require discussion and utilize a sociological framework to guide your discussion. Topics may be drawn from issues that persist in our society over a long time or from the news. Bilal Hussain earned his Master's Degree from Loyola University. He has also been a Diverse Faculty Fellow at Harper College, teaching in the Sociology Department. Students should have completed Everyday Sociology in the LLI program or be familiar with basic concepts in sociology. 



Please note: Not all classes are offered every semester. 

Classes are offered at the Harper College Main Campus as well as at our partner locations. Please check the current schedule or call 847.925.6300 to confirm the location of your class.