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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: CHANGING OUR WORLD (LLI 6077): IBM’s “Watson” super computer made headlines when it defeated two human champions at a game of Jeopardy. Now, Watson is applying its powers to helping doctors treat cancer. From Siri and Alexa to self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence is enriching our lives, but at the same time may be obsoleting jobs. Peggy Eastwood explores this rapidly growing field and its implications.

SMARTPHONE PHOTO EDITING (LLI 6051): For iPhone, iPad and smartphone users, this class and hands-on workshop you will show you the tricks to making better photographs with your mobile device. You will see how to take snapshots and turn them into “great shots” with simple editing of the image right in the mobile device. No computer needed. You will learn how to share your images with family and friends on the internet and how to print the photos to send or give them to others. Download these two applications before arriving for class: Snapseed (free) and TouchRetouch ($1.99).

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