The Harper College Motorcycle Rider Program is looking for service-oriented men and women to join our part-time staff of RiderCoaches. The level of responsibility is high, but the satisfaction of assisting other people as they improve their mental skills, physical coordination, and life-saving driving strategies is extremely rewarding!

All RiderCoaches have completed a RiderCoach Preparation Course (RPC) and maintain current certification credentials through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

RiderCoach Preparation Course applications are selectively accepted from individuals who:

  • are at least eighteen years of age
  • have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • have excellent social skills with a strong interest in helping other people
  • have an Illinois class "M" motorcycle operator license or equivalent from another state
  • have completed a basic motorcycle rider course
  • currently operate a motorcycle on a frequent basis
  • have a clean driving record with no possibility for license suspension or revocation. Please note: an original driving abstract issued by any Illinois Drivers Services Facility or your home state's Department of Motor Vehicles must be attached to your application.

Candidates accepted into the RPC must successfully complete:

  • an initial riding skills test to demonstrate riding proficiency
  • a 60+ hour classroom/riding instruction course conducted by MSF certified RiderCoach trainers
  • a written knowledge test covering the novice course curriculum 
  • a student teaching phase to demonstrate communication abilities and proficiencies at evaluating and coaching novice students
  • an Instructor Rules of Professional Conduct form

Once certified, a RiderCoach must:

  • attend annual region-specific updates
  • maintain first-aid certification through the American Red Cross or equivalent
  • demonstrate safe riding habits and always wear protective gear when riding to, from and during rider training activities
  • ride and drive free of alcohol and other drugs
  • conduct one's self in a professional manner that includes appropriate appearance and communications

Because certain areas of our training region are understaffed, and enrollment in these courses is limited, we reserve the right to select course candidates geographically. The intensity of this training may exceed that of any previous instruction in which you have been involved. Your commitment will require much more time than the actual contact hours listed in the course schedule and, once enrolled, there is no guarantee that you will successfully complete the course. 

Course materials will be provided at the first course session. If successful, all teaching materials will be yours to keep. If you do not complete the RPC for any reason, the materials must be returned. Travel and incidental expenses will be the responsibility of the candidate.

If you are interested in becoming a RiderCoach for the Harper College Motorcycle Safety Program or would like more information, please contact us via email at motorcycles@harpercollege.edu or give us a call at 847-925-6803.