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AMERICAN MUSIC STYLES (LMU 0214): Have you heard that music before? Trace the development of music in America from the styles of colonial days to contemporary styles. This course will help you develop a stylistic frame of reference for judging American music by surveying the characteristic elements of a variety of styles. Required text for the class is America‚Äôs Musical Landscape by Jean Ferris, available from the Harper College Bookstore. Also offered for credit as MUS104-C01. 


MUSIC APPRECIATION (LMU 0367): Introduces the standard concert repertory through intensive guided listening. Representative works by major composers from each period are chosen to illustrate the principal styles, forms and techniques of vocal and instrumental music. The course is an overview of classical music throughout history. Students will develop better understanding of classical music and its genres, instruments and eras. Also offered for credit as MUS103-C01. 


INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER MUSIC FOR ADULTS (LMU 0231): This course is designed for the student who has little or no background in MIDI Sequencing and Digital Audio Recording but who wants to experience the enjoyment of making music via computer.  You will be presented with software and hardware as tools for creative sound design and musical composition, and throughout the class, you will be able to produce and perform music on your own and as part of a team. You will be constantly focusing on the re-creation of acoustic textures and samplings as well as the construction of soundscapes that are unique to the electronic environment. Ages 15 and up. Also offered for Credit as MUS102-C01. 


FUNDAMENTALS OF MUSIC THEORY (LMU 0364): This course provides the background to interpret and understand the language of music through the study of notation, rhythm, scales, intervals, triads, cadences, basic forms and musical terms. Students are prepared for the study of harmony and for practical musical activity. Also offered for credit as MUS 101-C01 /C02/ C03.


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