Group Lessons and Ensembles



Our vision is to nurture musicians, engage the community, and bring music within reach. In addition to offering private instrumental lessons, we also offer a wide variety of group classes.

Also, we offer a variety of courses and ensembles tailored for kids, early years through High School. Note those courses in the list below.


Fundamentals of Music Theory*
Music Appreciation*
American Music Styles (Introduction to American Music)*
Steel Band*
Voice Class for Adults*
Introduction to Guitar for Adults*
Introduction to Computer Music*
Jazz Lab Band 1*
Jazz Ensemble*
Adult Group Violin
String Orchestra for Adults
Piano Pleasure-Group Beginning for Adults
Piano Pleasure II
Sound Recording I: Introduction
Sound Recording II: Recording Techniques
Sound Recording III: Mixing and Editing Techniques
Ukulele for Adults: Beginning
Ukulele for Adults: Continuing
Group Guitar for Children **
Introduction to Guitar for Adults **
Latin Jazz Ensemble
World Music Ensemble
Build Your Own Electric Guitar (Adults)
Hand Drumming: Children I (8-12)
Hand Drumming: Children II (12-16)
Hand Drumming: Adults (16-Adult)
500 Bad Songs
Concert Choir*
Group Guitar for Children (LCC) *** LMU0404
Group Guitar for Children - Continuing (LCC) *** LMU0419
Group Guitar for Children (7-11) (LCC) *** LMU0424
Group Guitar for Children II (8-14) (LCC) *** LMU0425

*Classes offered through the Harper Department of Music that are co-listed by Continuing Education.

**Classes that meet at an off-campus location.

***These classes teach guitar basics to children ages 7-10. Students learn to read melodies and chords and play familiar tunes. Guitars and instructional materials are provided. Classes take place at the Harper College Learning and Career Center in Prospect Heights.

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