Instrumental Private Lessons


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Enrolling in Private Classes

If you are a first-time student, submit this application to help us place you.

Registrations for returning students must be coordinated with the instructor. For new students, registration must be coordinated with Issa Boulos, CMAC coordinator. For more information, please contact Issa Boulos at 847.925.6659 or via email at

Our instrumental music program is tailored to accommodate the various abilities of all our students, regardless of age or interest. We offer lessons for students as young as five and also for seniors - for complete beginners and those who are on their way to becoming accomplished musicians. We offer conveniently scheduled after-school hours for children and many options for adults. Our students discover a variety of classical and traditional instruments and receive training from carefully selected instructors. Students have two opportunities to perform in solo recitals over the course of the year, once at the end of the Fall Semester and again at the end of the Spring Semester. See below for available instruments.

If you are applying for Private Lessons for the first time, please complete our Private Lesson Application or call 847.925.6659 for more information. Once we receive your application, we’ll match you with an instructor according to your skill level and interests.

Private lessons are usually scheduled once a week for 30, 45 or 60 minutes for 8 or 16 weeks. Other scenarios can be arranged on a case-by-case basis:

  • 30 minutes per week: 8 weeks, $275; 16 weeks, $539
  • 45 minutes per week: 8 weeks, $399; 16 weeks, $799
  • Available only on request - 60 minutes per week: 8 weeks, $539; 16 weeks, $999 

If you are interested in obtaining a trial lesson prior to committing to a package, please complete our Private Lesson Application and indicate that you’re interested in a trial lesson. Call 847.925.6659 for more information. 

Instruments we offer:

  • Ages 5-8: Piano, Suzuki piano, orchestral percussion, violin, Suzuki violin, cello, double bass*, guitar (including electric*), jazz guitar, ukulele, banjo*, jazz piano, mandolin, drums, fiddle, voice*, and hand drum. 
  • Ages 9-10: All of the above plus flute, clarinet, trumpet, double bass, Indian Tabla, harmonica, piano accordion, and oud.*
  • Ages 11-17: All of the above plus viola, oboe, saxophone, trombone, French horn, voice, euphonium, and tuba.
  • Ages 17+: All of the above

* These instruments require that we meet with younger children for assessment. Smaller-sized instruments are generally required for younger children on these specific instruments.