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Earn a Sound Recording Digital Badge by successfully completing the following three courses.


SOUND RECORDING 1: INTRODUCTION (LMU 0358): Learn the core principles of sound recording and apply them in your own projects. Whether you are beginning to prepare for a career in the audio industry or you are simply looking to enhance your knowledge of the recording process, this course will give you the tools you need. Take the first class on its own, or take it as the first class in our three-level Sound Recording Digital Badge program. The text, Modern Recording Techniques (Eighth edition) by Huber and Runstein is required and is used in each of the classes in the Sound Recording Certificate program.

SOUND RECORDING 2: RECORDING TECHNIQUES (LMU 0362): Gain experience in recording live both acoustic and electronic music. This course will enhance your knowledge of sound recording and take you to a higher level as you move forward towards obtaining the Sound Recording Digital Badge. Prerequisite: Sound Recording 1: Introduction to Sound Recording or equivalent experience.

SOUND RECORDING 3: MIXING AND EDITING TECHNIQUES (LMU 0360): After the recording sessions are complete, the last step is to create the final track. In this class you will work with previously recorded material, often the material you recorded in Level 2. This is the third and final class in the sequence to complete the Sound Recording Digital Badge program. PREREQUISITE: Sound Recording 2: Recording Techniques or equivalent experience.

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