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YOUNG CHILDREN: MUSIC FOR ME! (LMY 0201): Sing, move and play! Your child will explore music and movement in a fun, playful, non-performance class that encourages participation, creativity, and self-expression. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate for ages 4-5 without an adult, and develops the singing voice, solfege singing, beat awareness, rhythm and tonal patterns, small and large motor movement, and instrument playing, all in a fun-filled 45-minute format. Children hear a wide variety of music from different genres and cultures, and advance toward basic music competency, the ability to sing in tune and keep a steady beat.

WORKSHOP (LMU 0346): College audition committees want to hear you do your best. This workshop will help you practice and improve the skills necessary for excelling in an audition or a performance: projection, stage presence, interpretation, and diction as well as overcoming performance anxiety and seeing an audition from the adjudicator’s perspective. You will prepare two songs, either in the Art Song or Musical Theatre category. In Art Song, one selection must be in Italian, German or French and one will be in English. For Musical Theatre, students prepare two songs: one up-tempo and one ballad in contrasting styles. Students must provide an original copy of the sheet music—photocopied music is prohibited. Songs must be sung in their original keys. Singers work with a piano accompanist. Students perform their prepared songs in a masterclass setting and will receive a completed adjudication form on their performance. Open to Ages 16 - 18.

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