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ADULT GROUP VIOLIN: CONTINUING (LMU 0363): This class continues the violin instruction be-gun in the beginning level. Basic skills are reinforced while new techniques will continue to progress to higher levels. Students will work with traditional classical methods along with fiddle and pop music. Basic violin techniques will be reinforced and intermediate techniques such as shifting and vibrato will be taught in depth. Note reading will be stressed and taught in depth. Several solo and duet works will be learned to performance capability. By the end of the semester, students will have reinforced and refined basic techniques and learned new ones. The class will perform as a solo ensemble to conclude the semester. Open to ages 16-adult.


STRING ORCHESTRA FOR ADULTS (LMU 0371): Learn from Edgar Gabriel, well-known Chi-cago classical and jazz violinist, and have fun playing in an ensemble for amateur adult string players. Open to violin, viola, cello and string bass players, this string ensemble is for the player not ready for Harper Symphony but would like to perform and rehearse with an orchestra. This class is perfect for the adult who would like to get back into string playing after a long hiatus or the adult who has stud-ied more than two years with group or private lessons. Music is at the middle school to early high school level. Each semester concludes with a short performance onstage. Arrange-ments of traditional orchestra repertoire and pop rock and folk music will be rehearsed. Students are expected to practice their music for each weekly rehearsal. Rhythmic problems will be addressed in depth in rehearsal but not technique specific to each instrument except when pertaining to styles. Students will learn how to count difficult rhythms, follow a con-ductor, play and listen as an ensemble.Various styles of classical music will be studied such as baroque, classic, romantic. Music selected is generally at the middle school level (ASTA level 3). By the end of the semester, this en-semble will have rehearsed several pieces to a performance standard. The class concludes with a performance onstage.


BEGINNING GROUP VIOLIN (LMY 0219): In this friendly and supportive group atmosphere, children ages 8 to 14 learn the basics of the violin: how it is held and how a bow is balanced to achieve a pleasing sound. Learn instrument care and musical notation. This is a great short-term learning opportunity to let you see if the violin is an instrument for you. Students will be provided with appropriate-ly-sized instruments for the whole duration of the course. Your first recital will be held during the final class. Family and friends are invited.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester. 

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