Using the Online Registration System

Online registration can be fast and easy, and these guidelines will help that happen!

To start the online registration process, click the Register Online button...RegisterOnline

This takes you to a screen that looks like this...


There are two parts to this screen, the Search Panel and the Sign In Panel.

  1. You do not need to Sign In to begin searching for courses. Use the Sign In Panel if you are a returning Harper Continuing Education student and want to check your history or manage your registration. Otherwise, start using the Search Panel to check out the courses for the current term,
  2. An easy way to use the Search Panel is to have a copy of the printed Harper College CE Course Schedule handy and use the information it provides about Course Numbers, etc. as search criteria. Go ahead and try this!
  3. The Search Panel will let you search using key words, Course Numbers, or Harper CRN codes. Key words are really helpful, but may return more classes than you bargained for. For example, search on the word "music" and you get music lessons, groups, history ("The Music of the Beatles") and even Aquacise, where "music guides the exercise program." 
  4. A more direct way of getting to the course you want is to enter the Subject Code, for example, LMU or LPP. Click "By Subject" in the Search Panel to see a list of all the Subject Codes. 
  5. Use "Advanced Search" to find your classes using a variety of classifiers. 
  6. Finally, you can zoom into the system using the links below the search window. 

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