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AERIAL HAMMOCK (LPE 0008): Take your workout from the floor to the air! Each class begins with a light warm up before progressing to where you will be upside down in your fabric. This class is a terrific workout designed for strength training and muscle conditioning with stretching as a closing exercise. No experience necessary, but participants should feel comfortable being upside down while being supported by fabric. Class is located at Flight Fitness Studio, 583 East Dundee Rd, Palatine.

PILATES (LPE 0170): Provides students with the opportunity to condition the body through a mind-body approach, which emphasizes form and quality of movement through the use of flexibility and strength training. Also offered for credit KIN106-C01. 

VERTICAL FITNESS (LPE 0007): Combine the benefits of resistance training and the flexibility movements of gymnastics into your dance repertoire in this weekly 90-minute fitness class. Utilizing a 10-foot vertical bar, spin, climb, and invert yourself to new heights. Each week features new workout music. No experience is needed as you work at your own level. Class is located at Flight Fitness Studio, 583 East Dundee Road in Palatine.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.