Cleared for Harper

Students walking near campus lake. Harper's fly tower is in the background.

Cleared for Harper

Harper is launching Cleared4, our platform for submitting your COVID-19 vaccination/testing results. You must provide this information to meet the governor’s mandate that college students and employees be fully vaccinated or test weekly for COVID-19 to come to campus.

Our goal is to keep Harper open and safe for everyone. Thank you for helping us follow the governor’s mandate. 

What Is Cleared4?
Cleared4 is an online platform that will allow you to manage your proof of vaccination and/or testing results. No app necessary!

What Do Students and Employees Need to Do?

  1. If you are a current student with an on-campus class, or you are an employee, you will receive an email from with your personal link to log in.
  2. Submit your proof of vaccination/test results (you may upload an image file or PDF).
  3. The system will notify you if you have been cleared to come to Harper.

What Do Fully Online Students Need to Do?
Fully online students will complete a self-registration form if coming to campus for any activity.

What Do Vendors/Contractors Need to Do?
Vendors/contractors will complete a self-registration form.

Fully vaccinated? 



Testing weekly?

You will be issued a pass to come to campus and no further action is required. For details, visit: "How to Upload Your Vaccine Card"



You will need to test weekly and submit your documentation by noon on Thursday to be able to come to campus the following week. For details, visit: "How to Submit Your Test Results"

Once you have been cleared, you will be issued a pass that you may be asked to show when you come to Harper every week. See Displaying Your Access Pass for instructions and demo.

The first deadline to submit proof of vaccination or test results will be at noon on Thursday, September 23, to be eligible to come to campus the week of September 27.

Things to Know:

  • Cleared4 uses your Harper email address or email on record. Do not change this address because the system will default to your email on file. 
  • You can elect to get text notifications/reminders (SMS) by adding your cell phone number. (Standard text messaging rates may apply.)

Please see Cleared for Harper FAQs to learn more.

Do you need technical assistance or other support? Contact the Cleared for Harper Hotline:

Please call 847.925.6599 and press 1 if you need technical assistance (technical issues include accessing the Cleared4 email with your personal link or uploading your proof of vaccination/test results). If you have other questions related to the state mandate or your individual circumstances, select one of the other options. You may also submit your question.

Last Updated: 10/1/21