Beer and BBQ. The two just go together!

But the real truth is, beer goes with everything! Here are some fun pairings to try while listening in on this virtual happy hour about beer and BBQ! 

Chicken - brown ale 

Ellie’s Brown Ale - Avery
Moose Drool - Big Sky
Brown Ale - Newcastle
*Or grab your favorite brown ale!

Known for comforting malt flavors, brown ales often have delicious notes of bread, caramel, chocolate, nuts, and even raisins. They have a relatively mild bitterness and a hoppy flavor in the background to help provide balance.  Ever hear of the Maillard Reaction?  This chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars is what gives browned foods its distinctive flavors.  Both the barley when kilned and the chicken when exposed to the heat of the smoker, go through this process and thus have similar flavor notes to complement each other!

Brown Ales are my favorite beer to pair with cheeses. Pair it with a Manchego cheese which has caramel and nutty notes that complement the same flavors in your brown ale.  For meat options, try it with a smoked sausage or andouille sausage!  Or, if you want something sweet, try pairing it with Shortbread cookies!   

Ribs - Pale Ale

Lizard King - Pipeworks
Mazzie - Pollyanna
Dale’s Pale Ale - Oscar Blues
*Or grab your favorite pale ale! 

Pale Ales are crisp, session beers that are balanced by moderate hoppiness, both in bitterness and flavor, and sweetness of its malt backbone.  They are the perfect beer to balance the sweet hamminess of St. Louis Ribs, cleansing your palate in between bites!

Try an Aged Cheddar Cheese for a fun take on a grilled cheese sandwich!  Then, try it with pancetta or cook up some bacon! Ready for dessert? How about some carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or thumbprint cookies filled with jam!

Brisket - stout

Black Chocolate Stout - Brooklyn
Black - Allagash
Obsidian Stout - Deschutes
*Or grab your favorite stout!

Stouts offer a heavy roasted, robust flavor from their ‘burnt‘ malty ingredients and they go great with barbecue! Brisket is a BIG meat and thus needs a BIG beer to keep the balance and the notes of coffee in the beer goes great with our espresso rubbed brisket!

Try an aged Gouda cheese or hot soppressata with your stout! Or, with notes of coffee and chocolate, stouts make a great beer to pair with desserts!  Try a stout with your favorite chocolate dessert or grab a whoopie pie or hostess cake! Ever try a stout ice cream float?

*Don’t forget to get some crackers! ;-)

Last Updated: 2/8/22