Program Details

What is the Stand Up and Be Counted Program?

We want to recognize you! The Stand Up and Be Counted Alumni Corporate Recognition Program aims to recognize Harper College alumni in the workplace and celebrate employers throughout the community who have hired Harper College alumni as employees.

What are the benefits of participating?

Employers benefit by participating in the Stand Up and Be Counted program through the recognition and publicity they receive for being an employer of Harper College graduates. Employees of the company, who are Harper College alumni, benefit by connecting with the Harper College alumni program and by the recognition they receive for utilizing their education to help local businesses succeed.

How does the program work?

The Harper College Educational Foundation will recognize employers who have hired Harper College alumni at a celebration event held on site at the company. The celebration event will be attended by representatives from Harper College, the Educational Foundation, company officials and employees of the company who are alumni of the College. At the event, the company will be presented with a token of recognition and appreciation for hiring Harper College alumni. Employees who are alumni of the College will also be presented with a gift from the alumni office and will have an opportunity to learn more about the Harper College alumni program. Following the celebration event, a press release and photos from the event will be sent to the local media. The company celebration will also be featured on the Foundation and alumni website and in print and electronic communications.

How can my company stand up and be counted?

To schedule a Stand Up and Be Counted celebration on site, or for more information, contact Shannon Hynes, Director of Alumni Relations, at 847.925.6701.

Celebration Events