Harper HEART Day: Premier Speaker Series

Harper HEART Day: Follow your heart

Harper HEART Day: Premier Speaker Series

Tuition & Fees: $0
Available: February 14 – March 27

Take advantage of the chance to hear 7 free lectures Harper HEART Day.

These lectures were originally prepared for inclusion in the Lifelong Learning Institute’s lecture series. Available for you to access at any time, they are offered in an online format that allows you to attend when it is convenient to you.

Visit the Community Education Website at ce.harpercollege.edu and search for Harper HEART Day: Premier Speaker Series.

If this is your first Community Education class you will have to create an account to register. Once you are registered you will be sent instructions for logging into Blackboard (the software that houses our course) so you can access the lectures.

Lectures in the Series:

      • Barbara J. Barrett – Chicago’s Historic Motor Row District 1905-1936
      • Scott Cashman – Archie Shepp: Jazz, African American Music and A Place in History
      • Joan Davis – Successfully Weathering this Pandemic and the Next
      • Laura Ehrke – Remember When…Preserving Your History – Before It’s Forgotten
      • Anette Isaacs - 1945 -- The Year that shaped the New Germany!
      • Gary Midkiff - 9 Years That Changed America
      • Gary Midkiff – 25 Greatest American Speeches
Last Updated: 6/21/22