IRB Committee

Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects

The IRB consists of volunteer staff, faculty, and community members who are the first point of contact when an IRB application is submitted. It is the IRB Chair’s job to determine the level of review (exempt, expedited, or full board review) for the application, NOT THE RESEARCHER. The IRB members possess the requisite knowledge of standards to evaluate protocols for their degree of risk for human participants. All IRB members may also act as consultants with researchers to aid them both in application preparation and with specific aspects of working with human participants, such as informed consent and anonymity issues.

Member Area Name Affiliation Email
Director of Institutional Research Katherine Coy, Chair Harper College
Provost Office Representative Michael Bates Harper College
Qualitative Research Representative Monica Edwards Harper College
Quantitative Research Representative Chris Athanassopoulos Harper College
Local University Representative Jodi Lampi NIU
Community Member Deborah Burdsall Lutheran Home & Services
Ethics Consultant Philosophy Faculty Member Harper College