Academic Planning and Pathways

Establish practices that empower and support students in exploring and identifying academic options for effective planning and progress toward achieving their educational goals.

Supporting Paragraph:

At Harper College, this refers to developing and providing our students with forms of communication, information, and guidance to support them in effectively identifying and completing their educational goals. The intent of this goal is not to limit the educational options of our students, but to provide resources that contribute to students’ progress toward their goals.

Goal Targets 2016–19

  • Implement Areas of Interest (AoI) structure by August 2017.
  • Reduce the number of “undecided” students at time of application from 25% to 15% by fall 2018.
  • Reduce the number of “undecided” students at time of registration from 8% to 5% by fall 2018.

In FY2018 the team accomplished the following:

  • Collaborated with Marketing to brand each AoI with an icon and ensure consistency throughout the AoI landing and program pages.
  • Collaborated with Student Flow Team to update the online application to include selection of AoI in October 2017. Added AoI to the student application checklist.
  • Collaborated with Academic Advising and Counseling to integrate AoI into the Academic Advising process. A total of 200 new students were onboard within the context of AoI during April and May 2018.
  • Collaborated with Start Smart to offer First Year Seminar (FYS) sections aligned with AoI. Offered 32 sections in fall 2017. Planned 46 AoI aligned FYS sections for fall 2018, including ten “Focus on Your Future” sections for students who have selected an AoI but have not yet decided on a specific program within an AoI.
  • Collaborated with the Center for Student Involvement and Deans Council to begin aligning student organizations by AoI.
  • Established AoI Core Teams comprised of faculty, advisors, counselors, and deans to improve AoI alignment of communication across the College and to sustain AoI following the completion of the Strategic Plan.

Annual Outcomes Reports:

Last Updated: 5/11/22