Strategic Plan Dashboard (2016-19)

The four-year Strategic Plan (2016–19) is a result of broad engagement in a community-based planning process. The three Strategic Directions, Inclusion, Engagement, and Achievement, represent the course the College intends to pursue through its strategic plan. The Strategic Goals represent the specific methods by which the College intends to impact the Strategic Directions. The following dashboard displays the five Strategic Goals and the targets that are used to measure progress toward each goal.

Progress on the goal targets is identified as:

  • In Progress — Needs Attention: Indicates that additional attention and effort is needed if the 2019 target is to be achieved.
  • In Progress — On Target: Indicates that this is an annual target that has been met for the current fiscal year OR that current activities are resulting in significant progress on this target and it is projected that the 2019 target will be achieved.
  • Target Achieved: Indicates that the initiative(s) associated with this target has been institutionalized OR that this is a one-time target and has been achieved.

Additional information on the goals or targets can be obtained by clicking on the desired area of the dashboard.


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Last Updated: 5/11/22