Student Experience

Provide experiences that support the ongoing needs of our diverse student community through purposeful interactions and college-wide responsiveness to meet student goals.

Supporting Paragraph:

This goal encompasses the entire experience, from first contact to completion of goals, for all Harper College students. Regardless of their reasons for attending, all students will receive equitable and responsive support, both in and out of the classroom. All Harper College employees will provide experiences college-wide that engage all students as active partners in their success.

Goal Targets 2016-2019

  • Identify technology to streamline, prioritize, and redesign communication channels and centralize student engagement touchpoints by June 2017.
  • Identify a Culture of Care Model for the College by December 2017.
  • Create a visual Roadmap for all degree- and certificate-seeking students noting key student touchpoints with the institution from Day 1 through the end of the first term by June 2018.
  • Evaluate texting as a tool to improve communications with students.
  • Implement Culture of Care activities for students and employees by June 2019.

In FY2018 the team accomplished the following:

  • Conducted Text Messaging Pilot in spring 2018. Results of the pilot did not show statistically significant differences between pilot and comparison groups for the majority of categories being evaluated. However, 51% of the advising pilot group students completed a registration educational plan, whereas 44% of the advising comparison group students completed a registration educational plan.
  • Conducted Culture of Care “You’ve Been Hawked” student event in spring 2018. Results showed an increase in positive responses from pre-survey (59%) to post-survey (72%).
  • Collaborated with the Academy for Teaching Excellence and Curriculum and Instruction Goal Team to conduct Culture of Care workshops with faculty and staff. Culture of Care and empathy and rigor in the classroom were discussed; “Fred Factor” book discussions were held; and Culture of Care giveaways were created for students and staff. During the May 2018 event, 88% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed that the content was useful and applicable to their jobs.
  • Worked with Center for Student Involvement to identify “Welcome Back” activities for FY2019. Discussions of organizing clubs and organizations around Areas of Interest are continuing.

Annual Outcomes Reports:

Last Updated: 6/13/22