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Message Wall

The Harper community is invited to leave messages for Dr. Proctor. This page will be updated daily as new messages are submitted. Leave your message here.

Bethanie-Michelle Statler, Faculty, Harper College

Hi Dr. Proctor! Welcome to Harper College. I am excited to see what ideas you bring and what you have planned for this institution. Best wishes on your new position.

Michele DeCanio, FacultyHarper College

Welcome to Harper College, Dr. Proctor! I am thrilled to have you as our new President and I am enjoying your positive energy. Wishing you the best during this time of transition.

Deborah Willis, StudentHarper College

Welcome to Harper College, I wish you much success on your new journey and look forward to seeing you in the near future. All the Best to you.

Jan Brottman, NECSS Staff/Community Member, Palatine, IL

Best wishes on your new adventure!

Trish Joyce, Ally, Delray Beach, FL

My very best wishes to you, President Proctor!

We at Broward North miss you, especially at this start of the term--but remain grateful for your leadership!

May your advocacy, transformative spirit, and work with students/staff and faculty inspire all those who are part of the Harper success story.

~ Trish J. - Broward College

Andrew Mulford, Current Student, Hoffman Estates, IL

Dr. Proctor,

Congratulations on your new position! I am very excited to see what changes your administration will bring about!

It has been the effort of the previous administration to improve Harper's "green initiatives" and lessen our college's overall impact on the environment. I hope you share the same commitment!

I'm really looking forward to getting back involved in the Harper community and I hope to meet you eventually this fall!

Best wishes for the start of the school year!

Dave Parulo, Community Partner - Convention & Visitors Bureau President, Schaumburg, IL

Dear Dr. Proctor, 

Welcome to Harper College and to the dynamic and vibrant communities of our Chicago Northwest region. 

I am extremely happy to wish you great success in your new role.

Meet Chicago Northwest is the regional convention and visitors bureau charged with making a positive economic impact from tour and travel.

Both our staff and our Board of Directors look forward to working with you.

With kind regards,
Dave Parulo
President - Meet Chicago Northwest

Grace M Sakwa, AED student and Community Member, Arlington Heights, IL

Hello Dr. Proctor, Congratulations upon your new position as president of one the most dedicated community. You are so most welcome and I wish you the very best. We are excited and appreciate your commitment to serving our community.

Stephanie L Horton, Faculty, Harper College

Welcome to Harper, Dr. Proctor! I look forward to meeting you and am wishing you many blessings and you begin this new journey.

Silvia Selva, Coconut Creek, Florida

Hi Dr. P! We miss you and think of you always. Harper is so lucky to have you. I know you will lead with grace and strength and everything in between. Best wishes!

Carolyn L Davidson, Senior Citizen Student, Schaumburg, IL.

I am excited to see you as president of this institution. I look forward to the great things I know will happen as a result of your leadership. Congratulations!!

Glenda Thomas, Former Assistant, Broward College, Fl.

Congratulations Dr. P. I have no doubt you will do great things at Harper. They are lucky to have you. All the best.

Jen Rojek Schullo, Faculty, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College Dr. Proctor! I am looking forward to working with you!

Che'ree L Blades, Faculty, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College Dr. Proctor. Wishing you all the best in your new position. I would also like to extend a invitation to you and your family to take a Motorcycle Safety Class. I'm conducting a Harper College Employees & Family 3-Wheel Class" starting 9/26/19. Let me know if you would like more information. Looking forward to meeting you at the Motorcycle Safety Program at HPC.

Martha Karavitis-Hemmati, Staff, Harper College

Dr. Proctor, congratulations on becoming the 6th President of Harper College! We are fortunate to have you serve as our leader and strongly support your vision with increasing access to education for all members in our community. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with transforming student lives through learning.

Marsha Bundt, Harper Adjunct Faculty, Harper College

It is very exciting to have you join the Harper family. I know that you will be very pleased that you joined us. I have taught in several universities, and I am so encouraged by other faculty here at Harper. The technological support and learning opportunities for faculty also surpasses anywhere else that I have worked.

We have a diverse student body - a joy to interact with too!

Again, welcome! I hope to meet you soon! Best wishes!

Ivan Cvetanovic, Harper Adjunct Faculty member from 2000 to 2005 teaching Humanities, Nis, Serbia

All the best wishes in your future great work at Harper college.

Travaris Harris, Staff, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College! I think you will find our community to be welcoming and supportive. We are very excited to have you as our 6th president and don't listen to what they say about the cold weather, just get a really warm coat.

Lisa Blaylock, Faculty, Harper College

Welcome, Dr. Proctor! I hope you have been enjoying your time here thus far. We are looking forward to great things under your leadership!

Beth Ripperger, Staff, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College! Harper is undoubtedly lucky to have you as our President, and I am looking forward to the years ahead under your leadership. I am excited to get to know you more, and as a recent new person to Harper College, I can attest that this place has been one of the best choices I've ever made.

Carolann M Dunn, Staff (Information Specialist Harper's Motorcycle Safety Program), Harper College

Welcome Dr. Proctor!! I also am a Florida transplant. Came up here from Tampa Bay in 2010.

I am looking forward to meeting you personally and help in any way I can to be part of a team member to achieve your goals of Harper College. As member of the 2018 Social justice Leadership Cohort and this years participant in the Harper Leadership Institute I am enthusiastic about Harper Colleges future under you Leadership.

Festus Johnson, 24 year Classified Staff Member, Harper College

Blessings and Honor to you Dr. Proctor! Welcome to the Harper College!

You are an answered prayer and we know your being here will be a blessing to all. We are very excited to have you on board as the 6th President of William Rainey Harper College.

Looking forward to making your acquaintance.

All the Best

Lori Eschenbaum, Staff, Harper College

We are excited to have you here at Harper College. I look forward to serving students along with you.

Peter Mirkovich, Part time Harper staff, local taxpayer, Father to two Harper Grads, Father in Law to another Harper Grad, 1968 graduate of a Community College in Kansas City, all round Community College Supporter and Harper College Believer!!, Hoffman Estates. IL.

Dr. Proctor: Welcome to Harper College and the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. I was fortunate enough to see you in the interview process and am delighted at our Board's choice. I know our students, our community and our college all will benefit greatly because you are here. Stop by and see us in the Financial Aid office when you get some time. My best wishes to you and to your family.

Jessica Lopez, Partnered professionally in many higher education initiatives in Broward County

Congratulations President Proctor! It has been inspiring to witness your journey as a leader in higher education. Your expertise and professional value, along with your caring leadership approach will be a great asset for Harper College!

Kim Pohl, Staff, Harper College

Welcome, Dr. Proctor! I hope you're beginning to feel at home. Harper College is truly fortunate to have you at the helm!

Kim Chavis, Dean of Health Careers Division, Harper College

Greetings Dr. Proctor,

Welcome to Harper!!! I hope you had an exciting first week in your new role as Harper's 6th President. I so look forwarded to collaborating with you as we continue to create opportunities for student success.

Wishing you a fantastic year ahead.

Ramiza RahicStudent, Harper College

Dr. Proctor,

I just so happened to click on the banner that stated that Harper has elected a new President and to my pleasant astonishment, I quickly noticed that you were not only a woman but a woman of color. I very rarely go out of my way to write something like this, especially to someone that I don't know personally but this time, I felt the need to express my excitement. To preface, I generally don't like answering the question, "Where do you go to school?" I feel as if the path that I've taken to get to where I'm going is looked down upon when I mention that I go to community college, even if it's all in my head. Then in 2017, Harper pledged to continue supporting Dreamers, their undocumented students, to ensure that they're able to continue their studies. I was a little bit more proud to say, "I go to Harper." I've taken the untraditional path to getting my bachelors so it's taken me longer than most, but I am beyond ecstatic to have been here to witness your election as the new President of Harper College. This makes me even more proud to say that I go to a school that not only looks past gender but even more importantly (in my opinion), looks past color. Congratulations on this achievement and your continued success. Something tells me we're in good hands.

Here's to determined women all over the world.

All the best,

Anita Moore Bohannon, Waubonsee Community College

Hi Dr. Proctor, just wanted to say congratulations on your new role and I wish you well. Keep rising!

Justina Perrier, Former student and staff, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. - Sheryl Sanberg

Harper College and your fresh colleagues are winning a truly wonderful leader, but i'm missing you, and your good/great smile here at Cypress.

Dr. Randi Lou Franklin, Community member, Grosse Pointe Farms

Congratulations. I am a business owner and an educator, I wish you all the best.

Jacqueline A Kane, Albany, NY

Congratulations on your appointment. I wish you great success.

Marcia Daniel A., ERP Provider, Asheboro, NC

Congratulations on your new role. You will be a success in anything you do, and it’s exciting the students and employees at Harper will benefit from your leadership. Keep smiling.

Diane Peart Ann, AVP Workforce & Continuing Education Broward College, Ft Lauderdale Florida

Congratulations, Dr. Proctor on your new appointment! I am confident you will lead Harper well!

Renee Zellner, Professor Emeritus- Kinesiology and Health, Wellness, Head Men and Women's track and field coach 37 years, Harper College

A hearty welcome to Harper College, an institution that I have dedicated my life and career to for 37 years. You are so fortunate to have become a part of an exceptional academic institution. I have such pride of the faculty, administrators and staff who have made Harper what it is today. With your leadership and collaboration with the different constituencies will no doubt help Harper continue its path of excellence.

I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you in the future.

Jacqueline Andrews, Coconut Creek, Florida

Wishing you much success! You are destined for greatness in all that you do.

Dr. Sylvia Sloane Jones, Coconut Creek, Florida

Wishing you much success! You are destined for greatness in all that you do.

Erin Higgins, Assistant Manager, Academic Support Center, Harper College

Welcome, Dr. Proctor! We are looking forward to meeting and working with you to support Harper students.

Tara Gray, Staff, Harper College

Welcome to Harper Dr. Proctor. I look forward to formally meeting you.

David M Shulman, Former Colleague

Best wishes Avis.

Dee Beaubien, Member - Harper College Educational Foundation BoardHarper College

Welcome Dr. Proctor! Since I was on the search committee, you and I have met, but I missed seeing you on the day of our polar vortex! I look forward to visiting with you very soon -- hope you enjoying your beginnings at Harper -- Everyone will offer you a very warm welcome -- best wishes as you get used to being with us. You will find a dedicated and excellent faculty and staff, engaged alums, volunteers and community members, all of whom will help you get adjusted!

Kathryn Powell, Faculty/Co-ChairHarper College

Welcome to Harper! I’m Kathryn Powell, and I teach and co-chair in the Adult Educational Development Department (CTP Division). I came to Harper from Boston close to 30 years ago, and I remember feeling a bit like a fish out of water. However, as you can see, I found a happy home here. Again, welcome, and hope to meet you soon!

Lavleen Mal, Student Trustee, Harper College

Welcome Dr. Proctor !!!

Kristyn Meyer, StaffHarper College

I am delighted to have you at the college's helm. Best wishes for a successful and fulfilling presidency. I look forward to a bright future under your leadership.

Kathleen Burley, Community Member - GCAMPSchaumburg

As Executive Director for the Golden Corridor Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, or GCAMP, we welcome the opportunity to continue working with Harper College in the Manufacturing sector to collaboratively fill the area workforce gap. Working in conjunction with area High School Districts, manufacturing companies as well as the community at large, there are many ways we can work together. Welcome again and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Marie Eibl, Director, Coordinator of Math and Science Tutoring and Math/Statistics Adjunct Faculty, Harper College

A hearty Midwest welcome to you, Dr. Proctor! What Harper does to positively change lives in this community has kept me hooked since I first came here in 1997 and I look forward to your leadership to take us in to the future. I will apologize in advance if I do occasionally campaign to keep a diverse set of flowers planted in our garden kaleidoscope located in front of the F-building Library/Academic Support Center. I truly loved your Day 1 photo checking it out!

Parag Dave, Director, Academic Support Center Assistant, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College dear Dr. Proctor.

Pascuala Herrera, Faculty Harper College

Welcome to Harper College. I am so excited that you are here to lead us. I hope to get the opportunity to meet you personally soon. Please count on me to support your initiatives especially those centered around diversity and student success. I am committed to Harper and you as our new President.

James Vitullo, Staff - Academic Support Center (first floor of F Building), Harper College

Welcome to Harper College!

We, in the Academic Support Center (where most of the campus's tutoring occurs), look forward to meeting and working with you! My role is as the Lead Writing Tutor at Harper College. Most often, I work with students who have writing concerns in their assignments, providing them feedback and strategies they can use to improve their writing processes in order to become better writers.

I am also an officer (secretary) in the Learning about Abilities Not Disabilities (LAND) Employee Resource Group (ERG). Similarly, the other LAND ERG members and I look forward to having you as a guest at one of our meetings in the fall or spring, when you are available. (The ERGs are part of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.)

I hope your first week goes well; that you have an enjoyable Fourth of July; that you have time to settle into your new role over the summer (and enjoy the remaining three Thursday BBQs on 7/11, 7/18, and 7/25); and that you have a great time observing and learning more in-depth about the goings on at Harper College and continuing the stewardship of this great institution!

Best wishes to the start of a great year for you and Harper College.

Apryl West, Director, Student/Student Aide Liberal Arts Dept, Harper College

My name is Apryl West, I just wanted to say congratulations on your new position. I hope you feel very welcomed and you are an amazing role model to other students and an example of where hard work and dedication can get you. Congrats!

Njambi Kamoche, Director, Dean - Resources for Learning Division, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College Dr. Proctor.

Jill Izumikawa, Staff, Harper College

Wilkommen, Benvenuti, I Mirepritur, Yokoso, Witamy, Ukwamukela, Bienvenido, Svagata che, Ahlaan bik, Dobre doshli, Hwan-yeong, Tavtai moril, Kuwakaribisha, Welkom, Maligayang pagdating, Failte roimh chach, Dobro pozhalovat, Bienvenue, Huanying, and Welcome! to Harper College from the international students. I and all the international students look forward to knowing you and working together.

Dominique Svarc, Harper College

Welcome to Harper Dr. Proctor! We are glad to have you here as our leader, and hope you instantly feel at home and part of the Harper family.

Shannon Hynes, Director, Alumni Relations & Affinity Groups, Harper College

Welcome, Dr. Proctor! We are happy you are here!

Ellen Fisher, Manager, Academic Support Center, Harper College

Welcome, Dr. Proctor! We look forward to meeting you and working together to help students succeed.

Jen Godish, Staff, Harper College

Welcome Dr. Proctor! We are so happy to have you here and excited for our future!

Sheree Norals, Contractor, Harper College

Congratulation!! Wishing you a wonderful journey.

Catherine A Minnis, Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Welcome, Best Wishes and Continued Success in your new role as Campus President! Miss you.

Bill Kelley, Trustee, Harper College

Welcome aboard Captain!

A P G, Student, Palatine, Ill.

welcome famo

Nicholas Wenzel, Alumni, Roselle, Ill.

Welcome Dr. Proctor! I’m looking forward to seeing all of the great work you do to continue on Harper’s legacy!

Maggi Franks, Manager - Fast Track ProgramHarper College

Welcome, Dr. Proctor! I look forward to meeting you in person and working with you.

Amie Granger, Community Relations ManagerHarper College

Welcome to Harper!

Eric Bohman, Staff - Liberal ArtsHarper College

Welcome to Harper! We look forward to working with you in improving the lives of the students and community we serve.

Linda Howdyshell, Friend, San Francisco, CA

Wishing you the best. I can’t wait to learn all you will do! Congratulations

Herb Johnson, Member Board of Trustees, Inverness

Welcome to the wonderful Midwest and Harper College. We are all looking forward to working with you as well as use our shared vision for student success. It is nice you are starting your tenure in the warm (hot) Chicagoland summer as opposed to the harsh winter conditions that you and your family experienced during the interview process. You adapted well to the changing weather and scheduling conditions prevalent at that time. Again, welcome and see you at our Board workshop on July 10th!

Jacob Van Meter, Student Aide, Harper College

Congratulations Dr. Proctor and Welcome to Harper College! Best of luck as you begin your next journey here.

Amy DesautelsStaff, Harper College

Welcome home Dr. Proctor!

I work for Laura Brown in the Educational Foundation office. I moved to Illinois from south central Pennsylvania the very end of January and began working at Harper College in mid-February. I found leaving by position at York College of Pennsylvania difficult after 14 years. However, I have learned that our Harper College co-workers are genuinely friendly, helpful, and very much advocates for our students. They continue to remind me through their everyday efforts why I remain in higher education.

I believe you will find this to be true as well. Again, welcome home!

Jennifer Brennan, Staff, Harper College

Dr. Proctor, thank you for choosing Harper! I hope you and your family will put down happy and transformative roots in this community.

Pat Stack, Trustee, Barrington, IL.

Welcome to Harper, Dr. Proctor! We are looking forward to working together with you!

Joanne L. Ivory, Administrator, Dean CTP, Harper College

I am so excited you are here! In addition to preparing to lead us to the next level, this is a great time to be in the city. Throughout Palatine, Schaumburg and other surrounding communities, you will find many family-friendly activities and attractions. Also, downtown Chicago is always buzzing with summer fun-including the world famous Taste of Chicago.

Like you, today is also my first day! Please know that I very much look forward to working with you and it is my sincere hope that you not only meet but exceed all of your expectations.

Welcome to Harper College!

Mary Budyak, Staff - Executive Assistant - Communications Dept., Harper College

Congratulations and welcome to Harper College! We are excited to have you here and look forward to working with you.
Best Wishes.

Jeff Julian, Staff, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College!

Darlene Schlenbecker, Administrator, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College, Dr. Proctor! We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to learning of your vision for Harper's future

Maria Coons, Administrator - Chief of Staff, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College. You will enjoy meeting our outstanding students, wonderful employees and supportive community members. We are so glad you are here!

Jane C Weller, Faculty, Harper College

Welcome home. We are a family of different backgrounds and experiences that proudly serve palatine and the surrounding communities. Welcome to the family.

Susanne Brock, Staff, Harper College

Welcome to Harper, Dr. Proctor!

Kathi Hock, Faculty, Harper College

Hello Dr. Proctor and welcome to Harper! We are glad you are here (and it is not snowing)!

Laura Brown, Administrator, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College!!!!

Tong Cheng, Faculty, Harper College

Welcome to Harper! I am Tong Cheng, full time faculty from Biology, current Chair for DREAM (Diverse Relationship Engaged in Affirming Multiculturalism). Our group have been working on recruitment, retention and participation of historically underrepresented employees. DREAM has year round activities and we would love to see you in some activities if not all. I will contact Lori when time comes. Welcome again, have a great summer!

Michelé Smith, Staff, Harper College

Welcome to Harper College! We are excited to have you as our new President.

Andrew G Anastasia, Faculty, Harper College

Welcome to Harper, Dr. Proctor. The Harper College community looks forward to your tenure and are here to support your transition.

Jill Izumikawa, Staff, Harper College

On behalf of Harper College's international students, we welcome you with global greetings!