Movies you love that were filmed in Chicago!

Our common read program, One Book One Harper, is celebrating Chicago throughout the Spring semester. Our student aide, Carla Wilson, sat down with some of the Library's student aides and staff to discuss their favorite movies that were filmed in Chicago. 

Sixteen Candles

This classic 1984John Hughes movie, stars Molly Ringwald, as a teenager whose sixteenth birthday everyone appears to have forgotten.

John Hughes is a well known Chicago movie director whose movies always take place in or around the city. According to, the main character’s home is on 3022 Payne Street, Evanston,IL which 48 minutes from Harper College main campus. In 2018, the house sold for 1.135 million dollars.

“It’s a good, classic movie….. I love [that it was filmed in Chicago] because it’s close to home and people know about it. Since John Hughes was filmed so many other movies there, it’s adds to his legacy” - Tina Sternberg (Library Assistant)



Based on the popular book series by Veronica Roth, Divergent is the story of Tris Prior who lives in a futuristic Chicagoland area where society is divided into 5 different factions. Upon turning 16, Tris must decide which faction she wants to live in and choose between being who everyone wants her to be and being who she truly is.

Tris has her final test in the navy pier grand ballroom. According to navy, The navy pier grand ballroom can hold up to 1,100 people and up to 300 people in the balcony.

“I love the scenes when the characters are in their fear simulator, it always made me want to be in one.” - Regina Kmilek (Student Aide at Harper College Library)


The Dark Knight 

The follow up to the 2005 movie, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight follows Batman/Bruce Wayne as he protects Gotham City from arguably his greatest foe--The Joker!

The movie opens with the Joker,played by Heath Ledger, robbing Gotham National Bank. They filmed this scene at the old Chicago Post Office. They created a fake extensions on the empty lot next to it.

“I didn’t [know Dark Knight was filmed in Chicago] when I first saw it in the theater, but after learning it years later it made driving through Chicago tunnel highways all the more surreal.” - Fallon Braddy (Student Aide at Harper College Library)


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