Business Analyst

The Business Analyst badge teaches the analytical and process-mapping skills essential to businesses seeking to improve processes and information flow. You will gain an understanding of the structure, policies and, operations of an organization and be able to recommend solutions. Learn to prepare procedural documents to assist management with operating more efficiently and effectively. Explore workflow and flowcharting techniques using Microsoft Visio to develop process improvement and conceptual design diagrams.
Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and strong Project Management skills

Program objectives:

  • Understand a business problem or opportunity and evaluate various inputs to help develop an effective solution.
  • Create a range of business diagrams and drawings showing both current and proposed business processes.
  • Demonstrate workflow and charting techniques using custom shapes and stencils, design styles, and templates.
  • Connect drawings to external data to create organization charts, pivot diagrams, Gantt charts, timelines, and maps.
  • Leverage development tools using macros, shape sheets, and advanced shape techniques.
  • Analyze, decompose, accept, approve, specify and validate the requirements for a product or project.
  • Manage the life cycle of requirements by continuous monitoring and documenting, as well as the communication of the requirements status to stakeholders.
  • Assess how well the delivered solution fulfills the requirements and meets the business need.

Required course

Provides students business analysis knowledge and an understanding of the Systems Development Life Cycle. Examines strategies for analyzing business processes and demonstrates how to apply concepts and practical techniques. Teaches how to solve complex issues to analyze business and user needs, document requirements, and translate in system requirement specifications. Learns Microsoft Visio software. Recommended Preparation: Project Management experience and Technical Business Case Writing.


Last Updated: 3/10/23