Java Programmer

Java Programmer badge earners demonstrate the ability to apply object oriented principles and their understanding of the Java programming language to solve a variety of problems in computer science. Participants are able to write, compile, and execute Java programs, create classes and objects, use object references, declare, overload, override, and invoke methods, and identify and handle exceptions.

Prerequisite: Experience with object-oriented programming, familiarity with HTML, and database concepts required.
Program objectives:

  • Understand and apply object oriented design and programming concepts
  • Store, manipulate, and retrieve data using collections and generics
  • Use anonymous classes and lambda expressions
  • Manipulate files, directories, and file systems
  • Communicate with databases using JDBC
  • Create multithreaded applications

Required courses

Learn the significance of object-oriented programming and concepts such as inheritance, encapsulation and abstraction. Master the keywords and constructs of the Java programming language and perform basic error handling for Java technology programs. Create Java classes containing arrays, loops and conditional constructs. You will gain knowledge in the Java programming language constructs and how to create Java technology applications. Recommended preparation: Introduction to HTML & CSS or basic knowledge of HTML. Some programming experience beneficial but not required.


Covers core Application Programming Interfaces (API) used to design object-oriented applications with Java. Create classes, extend abstract classes and learn how to program with interfaces. Use Lambda expressions. Develop applications that manipulate files, directories and file systems. Provides knowledge in how to use exceptions and the Collections framework, write database programs with JDBC and multi-threaded applications. Recommended Preparation: Java Fundamentals or the ability to create, compile and execute programs. Understanding of object-oriented principles, database concepts and familiarity with SQL syntax.


Last Updated: 7/29/22