Registration Appeals and Medical Withdrawals

What is a Registration Appeal?

A registration appeal is when a student requests an exception to a registration policy. Appeals are granted for exceptional circumstances and are not guaranteed approval. If you believe you have an extenuating circumstance that would permit the issuance of a refund or late withdrawal from a course, you may submit the form below. Supporting documentation must have dates that coincide with your request.

Why would I submit a Registration Appeal?

If you believe you have extenuating circumstance that would permit the issuance of a refund or late withdrawal from a course, you may submit the Registration Appeal form below. Supporting documentation must have dates that coincide with your request.

When can I appeal?

Appeals must be made within 30 days of the end of the term in which the late drop occurred or refund is requested.

For requests involving instructional or academic issue(s) including grades, students must first contact the appropriate faculty member to attempt to resolve their situation. 

Students have 10 school days from the time of the occurrence to file an objection with their instructor (see the Student Handbook for additional information).

Medical Withdrawals

  • Medical circumstances are NOT eligible for tuition refunds or credits.
  • A Medical Withdrawal is a withdrawal from a failed course (‘F’ Grade) due to medical / psychological illness and does not provide a tuition refund or credit. If you have questions about the Medical Withdrawal process please contact the Office of the Registrar - 847.925.6500.
  • Applications for medical withdrawals are reviewed after the semester withdrawal date has passed and grade(s) of ‘F’ have been posted to a student’s transcript. A medical withdrawal does not provide a tuition refund or credit. Medical withdrawals are done to assist students in withdrawing from a class due to an incapacitating medical or psychological illness or a personal crisis, such as the death of an immediate family (mother, father, sister or brother) member or the required extended care of an ill/injured family member. Requests must be submitted after the course withdrawal deadline has passed within a particular semester or within 5 years from the last day of that semester.  No more than 2 terms will be considered. Supporting documentation must have dates that coincide with your request.

What do I need to submit my appeal?

Documentation supporting your request must be attached to the appeal. If the committee cannot verify the circumstances of the appeal, the appeal will be denied. 

Review this information before submitting your appeal.

  1. Refunds can only be requested for students who have withdrawn from their course(s) and received a W grade for the course(s) they want to appeal.
  2. Students are strongly advised to discuss the academic impact of withdrawing from classes with an advisor in Academic Advising 847.925.6220 before making any registration adjustments.

Appeals may impact your financial aid:

  1. If the student is a financial aid recipient, the student should also contact a financial aid advisor at One Stop 847.925.6710. Dropping or withdrawing from classes may have an adverse effect on your financial aid.
  2. Students who receive financial assistance in the term associated with the request may be required to repay financial aid funds, and may result in not being eligible to receive financial aid in future terms.
  3. If you have an active payment plan, it will continue to attempt all scheduled payments during the appeal review period. 

What is the Appeals Committee?

The Appeals Committee makes the final decision regarding your appeal. It is comprised of representatives from many Harper departments:

  • Records and Registration
  • Business Office
  • Office of Financial Assistance
  • One Stop
  • Academic Advising and Counseling

The committee meets on the first and third Thursday of every month. You will be notified of the committee’s decision in writing, within three to four weeks. Harper College reserves the right to make the final decision on all refunds or late withdrawals.

Registration Appeals / Medical Withdrawal Form

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