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Submitting your Contracts/Instructions for proctoring exams

ADS asks instructors to submit all proctoring instructions via our online software, by completing a one-time Alternative Testing Contract.  The new online contract will not only provide ADS students with a less burdensome alternative testing process, but will also ease the responsibility of instructors. Please note that this change also applies to all alternative testing requests for Testing Center exams.

The process is:
-Student registers for classes, then requests accommodations for those classes.
-The accommodation plan is sent to the instructor with a link to the on-line proctoring agreement where you can swiftly give your instructions for that specific set of exams or quizzes.
-Then, the student will put in an online request for using accommodations for specific tests.  The email notifying you of that request will have the link for you to easily upload the test.  

ADS is committed to making this process smooth and seamless. If you would like ADS to provide you with additional training or assistance, please feel free to contact ads@harpercollege.edu or dial 847.925.6266. 

 Contract Instructions for Faculty

AIM ALT-Testing Q & A for Faculty

Additional Faculty Resources

Memory Aid Guidelines

Also, see Faculty FAQs on the Student Development page, https://hip.harpercollege.edu/ourstudents/StudentDevelopment/Pages/ADS.aspx

Invitation to Faculty and Staff

Become an Accessibility Ally by completing the free, at-your-own-pace “Creating an Accessible Environment” online training.  The training website can be found at the Academy Website under Resources.


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