Faculty Resources

Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Access and Disability Services is not requiring contracts/proctoring instructions for quizzes and exams that students will take through on-line testing platforms, such as Blackboard or ProctorU.  

AIM ALT-Testing Q & A for Faculty

Additional Faculty Resources

Guide to Accommodations, detailing the most commonly and frequently used accommodations approved for students registered with Access and Disability Services by the Access Advocates.

Also, see Faculty FAQs on the Student Development page, https://hip.harpercollege.edu/ourstudents/StudentDevelopment/Pages/ADS.aspx

Invitation to Faculty and Staff

Become an Accessibility Ally by completing the free, at-your-own-pace “Creating an Accessible Environment” online training.  The training website can be found at the Academy Website under Resources.