Advising FAQs

Please review these frequently asked questions for helpful information. 

How do I make an appointment with an academic advisor?
Log into your My Harper Portal to find contact information for your assigned academic advisor or recommended advising location.
Call 847.925.6220 for more information.
What courses do I need to complete my degree?
Every degree and certificate offered at Harper College has different requirements. Most degrees and many certificates require English, math and general education courses. Refer to the Harper College Catalog for particular degree, certificate requirements and course descriptions.

What is a degree/certificate evaluation?
A degree/certificate evaluation will list the courses you have already taken and what you have left to take for your degree or certificate. Students can run their own degree/certificate evaluation in Degree Works in their My Harper Portal. An academic advisor can meet and discuss your evaluation with you.
How can I get verification that I am a degree-seeking student, for insurance purposes?
View Registration Policies to read more about Enrollment Verification.
Where can I learn about Financial Aid?
Contact the One Stop.
I have "F" grades on my transcript. Is there anything I can do about this?
Students are allowed to repeat courses and attempt to earn a higher grade for classes taken at Harper College. The highest grade received for that course will be used to compute the cumulative GPA.

The lower grades will remain on the transcript but not be used to compute your Harper College GPA. A student transferring to another college should check that school's repeat policy, as it may differ from the policy at Harper, resulting in a different transfer GPA. Another way to remove the "F" from your Harper GPA is through the Forgiveness Policy. You must meet with an academic advisor to determine if you are eligible to request Forgiveness for failed courses. If a grade is "forgiven" it will be taken out of the GPA, but will still remain on your transcript.

Medical Withdrawals are possible if you failed a course because you or a family member experienced a medical or psychological illness, and you can provide documentation. More information about Medical Withdrawals is found under Registration Policies and Procedures.

What happens to my GPA once I transfer?
When you transfer to other institutions, your credits transfer (if transferable) but your grades may not. For example, if you transfer to Harper College from another school, your GPA begins anew, even though you may have credits transferred in from another school. Some colleges also calculate a combined GPA.
What do I need to do to graduate? Will Harper automatically send my degree or certificate?
In order to graduate and receive your certificate or degree Submit the Application for Degree or Certificate Completion.

Are all students required to see an academic advisor before registering?  Why do I have a hold? What do I need to do to have it removed?

If you are a new degree-seeking student, you are required to attend Orientation so that you can receive personalized support with course selection and goal planning. Contact the Center for New Students and Orientation for more information.

Students who are experiencing academic difficulty may be required to see an academic advisor to discuss success strategies before registering. You will be notified if you are in any of these categories. You can review the Standards of Academic Performance in the College Catalog.

Where can I find course descriptions?
You can refer to the Harper College Catalog for particular degree, certificate requirements and course descriptions.

How do I know which math class to take?
Placement in math and English courses can be accomplished in a few different ways.  Visit the Testing Center to learn more about placement options. 

How do I know which courses transfer?
What's your Area of Interest?  Review the information about programs within each Area of Interest and talk to your academic advisor about transferring courses to a specific college/university.  We have transfer information for many Illinois colleges and universities.  Log into your My Harper Portalto find your assigned advisor's contact information to schedule an appointment to discuss transfer planning. 

How do I drop a class?
Withdrawals can be made in writing to the Registrar's Office or on the My Harper Student Portal. (A fax with a signature is acceptable but email is NOT acceptable).  Classes dropped prior to the second week of classes in a 16-week term will not become a part of the student's permanent record.  A "W" grade will be assigned for withdrawal from classes after the beginning of the second week and prior to the thirteenth academic week. A grade of "F" will be assigned to a class dropped after the twelfth week of a full semester course. Remember, if you're not attending a class, it is your responsibility to drop the class. Your teacher cannot and will not automatically drop you. Talk to your academic advisor about deadlines for dropping classes or you can refer to Important Registration and Payment Dates (Deadlines differ depending on the start/end dates of the course.)

Your academic advisor can also help you explore the "pros and cons" of your decision. Dropping a class may impact your financial aid or athletic eligibility. Check with the One Stop and/or your academic advisor before dropping a class.

What if a class I need is full?
Consider other sections of the same course or a late-start class if possible. Classes offer the option of putting your name on a waiting list; when a seat opens up, before the semester begins, you will be sent an email, asking if you would like the seat. You must respond within 24 hours, or that seat will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. 

What if I want to add a class that has already started, but is not full?
Beginning with the fall 2014 semester, students may not register for credit courses once they have started. The deadline to register for a class online is 11:59 p.m. the day before the first official class meeting. Students can register in person in the One Stop during normal business hours on the day a class begins if the class has not yet started. 
Transfer previous college credit to Harper College to earn your degree or certificate faster.

How can I get my grades sent to another school?

Complete a Transcript Request Form.
How much does a credit hour cost at Harper?
View tuition and fee information.