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 Thank you for all the shout outs to our Harper graduates!-  Tracy Rowley

Congratulations Bobbi!!! I'm very happy for you; your hard work and dedication is admirable.

- Margie McGowan


- Maureen

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished, Bobbi!

- Joe Bastian


Congratulations Bobbie! That’s great that you graduated with honors too! 

- Jennifer Richardson

Congratulation’s Bobbi! Kids, School and work, you did it!

- Lori Laskowske

Congrats Bobbi! You Rock!

- Theresa

Congratulations Bobbi! Earning your Associate's degree and being a member of Phi Theta Kappa! That's AWESOME!

- Enrique

To the Class of 2020, you will never forget the challenges in your last semester& guess what? You all pulled through! Congratulations & best wishes!

- Christina Eilers

Congratulations, Bobbi Pineda! You are amazing and have worked so hard at your studies and at work as one of our colleagues at Harper. Happy for you and your family.

- Carol Anne Traficanto

Kudos to Bobbi Pineda; well done!

- Christina Eilers

Congratulations Bobbi Pineda! We are so proud of you!
Law Enforcement and Justice Program

- Brad Grossman

Way to go Bobbi! Enjoy the accomplishment. We have already seen the wonderful things you can do during your time in Prospect Heights. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

- Becky Curtin

Congrats Bobbi! Great work!

- Frank Trost

Congratulations Paula Akialis! You make a difference every day.

- Lori Eschenbaum

Congratulations David Santafe Zambrano! What an achievement!

- Lori Eschenbaum

Congratulations to all of the honorees!- Darice Trout

Nice work, honorees. We are so proud of you! We are Harper! Congratulations.- Jeff Julian

Congratulations Honors and Phi Theta Kappa graduates! It has been great working with you!- Alicia Tomasian

Congratulations to all of the honorees! We are so proud of all of your accomplishments.- Rebecca Suthers

Congratulations PTK and Honors students! May this lead to even greater achievements!- Sue Borcheck

Congratulations to all!- Kevin Long

Excellent job! Congratulations!- Travaris Harris

Congrats to all my Physics Pholks tonight. It's been a crazy 18 months, amirite?- Maggie Geppert

Congratulations! Way to go!- Travaris Harris

Congratulations to all!- Dominique Svarc

Congrats to all the KBD graduates!- Marie Lapidus

Congrats! Great job everyone!!- FRANK TROST

Congrats everyone!- Jeff Przybylo

Congratulations to the KBD graduates!!!!- Marie Lapidus

Congratulations to all on your recognition and achievement. Make this just the beginning!- Roger Spayer

All the best to our Harper College honorees! You make us proud.- Bill Kelley

Woo Hoo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to each of tonight’s honorees. Bravo!!!- Michelé Smith

Engineering Pathways students-congratulations on all of your amazing accomplishments. We are so proud of you and will miss you!- Deb Damcott

Congrats to all former ESL students!- Lin C.

Congratulations to all our honorees!- Kathy Bruce

Congratulations to all!- Kathi Hock

Congratulations. You make Harper proud.- Julie D’Agostino

Congratulations to all the honorees!- Kathy Bruce

Way to go Sergio!- Darice Trout

Congrats! Well done!- Marianne Fontes

Hey Sergio!!!! Well done- Jeff Przybylo

Congratulations, Sergio!- Rebecca Suthers

Congratulations Tiffany! we are so proud of you...- Linda Biedron

Congratulations to all on your recognition and achievement. Make this just the beginning!- Roger Spayer

Congratulations Sergio!!!!- Anita Rehberg

Yeah- Flight of the Hawk!- Darice Trout

Congratulations to all!- Heather Zoldak

Great job, Sergio!!!!- Alicia Tomasian

Congratulations everyone!!!- Darlene Schlenbecker

Congratulations Joaquina! WISE president extraordinaire!- Deb Damcott

Great job! Congratulations!- Thom Lange

Go Joaquina!- Maggie Geppert

Congrats, Joaquina!- Darice Trout

What an accomplishment, Joaquina!- Marianne Fontes

Well done, Joaquina!- Rebecca Suthers

So many inspiring students! So many wonderful accomplishments!- Jeff Julian

Congrats Joaquina!- Alicia Tomasian

What a great honor, Paula!- Darice Trout

So wonderful, Paula!- Marianne Fontes

Great job Paula. Couldn't be awarded to a better person. You rock!- Julie D’Agostino

Congratulations!- Doug Spiwak

Congrats Paula!!!!- Sandi Ferencz

Congratulations- Leslye Smith

Congratulations Paula!- Dominique Svarc

Congratulation Paula!- Leslye Smith

congrats!!!- Alyssa Abbott

Congratulations everyone!!- Rebecca Scott

Shout out to all the FAST TRACK Honorees!- Maria Sheehan

Congrats Paula!- Anita Rehberg

Paula, so well-deserved! Congrats to you!!- Kathi Hock

Congrats everyone!!- Crissy Johnston

Dee, you are a pillar in Harper's community. Congratulations.- Julie D’Agostino

Woohoo James! Well done!- Maggie Geppert

Congratulations Dee! Thanks for your service to others!!- Anne Abasolo

Congratulations James. Honor well deserved!- Deb Damcott

Congratulations, Dee! Such well-deserved recognition for all that you do for Harper, our students and our community. You're an inspiration.   - Heather Zoldak

yeah James!!!!- Alyssa Abbott

Nice tie!- Maggie Geppert

Great job, James!!!!- Alicia Tomasian

Dee - You ROCK!!!!- Michelé Smith

Excellent job James!- Deb Damcott

Congratulations Jeanne Porges!!!♥️💖♥️- Rae Porges

Congrats Paula.- Kendra Uhe

Congrats students! Job well done- Bob Parzy

Congratulations, Emma!- Darice Trout

Congrats Paula!- Kendra Uhe

Hooray! Well done, Emma!- Alicia Tomasian

Way to go Kappa Beta Delta students!- Darice Trout

Congrats to everyone! Thank you for your effort!- Cammy Wayne

Yeah Phi Phi!- Alicia Tomasian

Congratulations Phi Theta Kappa Students!- Kevin Long

Congrats Phi Phi!- Marianne Fontes

Congratulations Chloe Dluger!- Sue Borchek

Awesome Chloe!- Doug Spiwak

Congrats, Sammy!- Rebecca Suthers

Nice job, Chole!- Travaris Harris

Congrats, Kimmy!- Darice Trout

Nicely done, Chloe :)- Rebecca Suthers

Congratulations Auntie TT!- Krystin Weseman

Way to go Chloe! The IPO will miss you.- Darice Trout

Way to go, Melania!- Rebecca Suthers

Congratulations on your well-deserved success!- Matthew McLaughlin

Way to go Daniel, Go Hawks!- Doug Spiwak

Great job, David!- Marianne Fontes

Congratulations Colin Z.!- Sue Borchek

Congrats Nolan!- Anita Rehberg

Way to go Tiff! woo hoo- Linda Biedron

Yeah, Chris!!- Joan Entwhistle

Congrats Jodie Olsen!- Becky Curtin

Congratulations Nursing Students. You will make a difference in the profession.- Julie D’Agostino

Auntie TT ROCKS!- Krystin Weseman

Pathways students-you have been amazing!- Deb Damcott

Way to go Tiffany!- Pam Lego

Great job Pathways students!- Maggie Geppert

Congratulations, Honors Program Graduates!- Darice Trout

Yay Honors!- Alicia Tomasian

Yeah, Cesar! Way to go!- Marianne Fontes

Awesome Wilma!- Doug Spiwak

Congratulations Sergio, Joaquina, Paula, Dee, James, Emma, Kappa Beta Delta Honorees, Phi Theta Kappa Honorees, Alpha Delta Nu Honorees, Engineering Pathways Award Recipients.- Roger Spayer

Yay Honors!- Kevin Long

Wilma is amazing!- Maggie Geppert

Congratulations Pathway students! Best of luck at UIUC.- Anne Abasolo

Hey Brenden is a great guy and a terrific student. Congrats- Jeff Przybylo

Congrats, Kelly!- Alicia Tomasian

Thank you Adam!- Cammy Wayne

Great job Adam!- Dominique Svarc

Way to go Tiffany...CONGRATULATIONS!!!- Karen Norrick

WOOOOO!!!!!- Rebecca Scott

GO JAKE!!- Rebecca Scott

Well done, Adam!- Travaris Harris

Congrats Jake!!!!- Jeff Przybylo

Congrats Adam, way to go!- Crystal Peirce

Stephanie Nyman RN. Awesome Nurse Tutor. Helped many students persist in the nursing program- Julie D’Agostino

Congrats, Jacob!- Alicia Tomasian

Congrats Hardeep!- Dominique Svarc

It is always so impressive to hear about these "Excellence in the Discipline" award winners.- Rebecca Suthers

Congrats Hardeep, great job!- Crystal Peirce

Congratulations, Hardeep!- Travaris Harris

Thank you Hardeep!- Cammy Wayne

Congrats, Nina!- Alicia Tomasian

Congratulations, Nina! I can't wait to read your essay in the Great Books Journal.- Darice Trout

Way to go Nina!- Brad Grossman

Congrats to Megan Kaminski 4.0- Marie Lapidus

Woohoo Sammy!- Deb Damcott

Woohoo, Sammy!!!!!- Rebecca Suthers

4.0 Way to GO!!!- Darice Trout

Gina! Congrats!- Kevin Long

Congrats Nathan!- Marie Lapidus

Great job Nate!- Cammy Wayne

4.0 - Congratulations!- Heather Zoldak

Great job Adam!- Cammy Wayne

4.0! Congratulations!- Jeff Julian

Nice job, Joaquina, John-luc, Aleska!- Deb Damcott

Congratulations Honors Program Graduates, Excellence in Discipline Award Recipients, 4.0 Graduates!- Roger Spayer

Thank you Harper College Events Management! Well done!- Kevin Long

Congrats Tamkanat!- Crystal Peirce

Congrats Alina! You did it, and with a 4.0, woo hoo!!- Anne Abasolo

Congratulations to the Nursing Students who achieved this award. I am so proud of you!!!

- Karen Chandrra


Congratulations Sergio! A deserving Brown award winner. Now go finish your Philosophy of Religion paper :)

- John Garcia

Hey Jenna. We are so proud of you! You deserve to be recognized as a smart and contentious student and of course a wonderful person. We know you’ll do great at a Elmhurst and be the best teacher there is!
Hugs kisses and Grammy pats honey. We love you!

Grammy and Papa

Engineering Pathways students-what you have accomplished is no small feat, but this is only the beginning. Each and every one of you is remarkable and just getting started on a path to accomplish great things. I am so proud of you!

- Dr. Deborah Damcott

Congrats Grad! Tara Hosman you are amazing! We are all very proud of you! 
We love you! 

- Elisha, Pearl, Mom and Claire! 

Congratulations, Harper College is so proud of you,!

- Sue Skora


So proud of you! You are so amazing!

We love you!

- Elisha and Pearl


Congratulations to Nursing Program Students and Graduates!!! Your accomplishments are remarkable!

- Mrs. Kopec


Congratulations on your hard work and achievement Jenalyn Reyes! We're proud of you and love you!

- Dad, Mom, Joseph, Nathan, & Faith


Congratulations everyone on behalf of the Honors Program and the Harper College chapter of PTK. Working with you all has been a joy and we wish you look in the next stage of your journey!

- John Garcia

Congratulations to Jeanne Porges for her outstanding achievement in Phi Theta Kappa and her tremendous academic achievement!
 We are so very, very proud of you and we love you so much!!


Mama, Dad, and Sophia

- Rae, Keith, Sophia Porges 


What an accomplishment everyone, be very proud!!

Jordan Krones, you did an amazing job and I could not be prouder of all you have accomplished!! You are an inspiration and you hard work and dedication is commendable, keep it up love!!! Congratulations, we are so proud of you!

- Stephanie LaCognata

To all the Harper students...well done!
 May today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievement! Congratulations!

- Tracy Rowley, Programs Specialist, Interdisciplinary Programs and Student Success

Congratulations on your academic achievement and success at Harper College!

-Darice Trout, Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary Programs and Student Success

Congratulations to my colleague Bobbi Pineda for her outstanding achievement in Phi Theta Kappa, her tremendous work ethic, and her great attitude through it all. You're the tops!

- Jennifer Brennan

No more stress :)


Congratulations on this momentous achievement! You have done so well and we are proud of you!!

-Dr. Stephanie Horton


Congratulations on another step and accomplishment. You are showing the next generation the formula for success. Keep it going cousin!!!

-Raymond Kilatrick

Congratulations on your achievement! 

- PK

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