Program Requirements

Please note that students can attend any of the session(s) without having to complete the entire program. A certificate for each session attended will be awarded.

Emerge Phase: Bronze - Fall Semester

Requirements for Individual Students

  • Schedule a 30 min personal leadership coaching session
  • Complete StrengthsQuest Assessment
  • Must attend a minimum of eight (8) Foundations of Leadership workshops
  • Complete 20 hours of pre-approved community service. Student must track all hours by completing the Volunteer Log .PDF.
  • Create a Reflective Artifact Online at the end of the semester

And must complete two of the following: View Calendar for upcoming events.

  • Attend the Make a Difference Day event
  • Attend the Time Management workshop
  • Attend the Mindful Leader workshop

Develop Phase: Silver - Spring Semester

  • Must attend a minimum of five (5) social change workshops
  • Must complete the Social Change Group Project (see below)
  • Create a Reflective Artifact Online
  • Complete the Socially Responsible Leadership Scale

And must complete two of the following: View Calendar for upcoming events.

  • Attend the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership workshop (7-hour Workshop)
  • Attend the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Workshop (7-hour workshop)
  • Participate in the MLK Day of Service (Approximately 4 hours)

The Social Change Group Project is an opportunity for students to collaborate with each other and develop a project to benefit communities of their choice. Teams showcase their work and practice their abilities and skills to demonstrate their growth and understanding of working with peers and colleagues.

Students identify issues and opportunities of importance in a community then formulate and implement a project to address local needs. Typically, group service performed by students falls into one of their categories:

  • Direct – Students work directly with representatives from off-campus community organizations.
  • Indirect – Students work behind the scenes, providing added-value to an existing community organization.
  • Community-Based Research - Students conduct research to answer a question posed by a community organization.
  • Students must be enrolled in the Harper Leadership Challenge program and actively participated in the Social Change workshops.
  • Commit to formed group and assigned tasks for the entire semester.
  • Submit self-reflection and peer evaluation.
  • Deliver group presentation.

Lead Phase: Gold - Third Semester

  • Attend a non-credit leadership course (1x per week for one hour, 15 min – 8 weeks)
  • Student will partner and serve as a Leadership Consultant to a Student Organization to complete a "Leadership Audit" of a current student organization to understand the current issues facing the organization and their methods for achieving goals.
  • Complete an E-Portfolio
  • Create a Reflective Artifact Online

And must complete two of the following: View Calendar for upcoming events.

  • Serve as a Peer Mentor to an incoming student into the Harper Leadership Challenge
  • Co-facilitate one "Foundations of Leadership" workshop
  • Attend a Social Justice Retreat