Student Involvement Transcript

The Student Involvement Transcript is an official record of leadership accomplishments, involvement in student clubs and organizations, involvement in student leadership programs, community service activities, and professional/educational development programs. It is designed as a means of recognizing "out of class" learning, development, and contributions.

Official copies of the Student Involvement Transcript can be used to supplement resumes and academic transcripts when applying to four-year schools and can be helpful for prospective employers. 

To begin a Student Involvement Transcript, please see below.

  • Community Service: Any community service that the student has completed inside or outside of Harper College (e.g. Volunteer tutoring, Park clean-up).
  • Honors, Awards, and Recognition: Any type of campus or College recognition received individually or as part of a group (e.g. Student Leadership Scholarship).
  • Leadership Activities: A leadership role in any student organization, activity, or program (e.g. Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa).
  • Multicultural/Diversity Experiences: Any multicultural or diverse experience that enriches the learning process, and helps students relate to those who have very different life experiences than their own (e.g. Study Abroad Program).
  • Participation in Club or Organizations, Programs, or Activities: Includes membership in any club or organization, activity, or program that requires sustained involvement (e.g. Student Government Association member, Campus Activities Board member.)
  • Interested students complete a validation form for each activity (i.e. club/org involvement, Harper Leadership Challenge, scholarship, community service) with all pertinent information. Students must have each form signed by the appropriate advisor.
  • The Center for Student Involvement clerical staff will input the data.
  • At the student's request, the Center for Student Involvement will generate a transcript. Download the Student Involvement Transcript Request Form .PDF
  • The Transcript will enable you to have an official record of your co-curricular involvement while attending Harper College.
  • The Transcript can supplement your resume. 
  • The Transcript will provide future employers and four-year/graduate schools with a record of your co-curricular involvement, training, and achievements.
  • Graduates who can demonstrate a variety of skills and experiences are highly sought after as they move into professional careers.