Appropriate Student Behavior and Conduct

As members of the Harper College community, students have a responsibility to maintain a quality campus and learning environment for themselves and others. All students are expected to read and abide by the Student Code of Conduct, which describes the behavioral expectations for students, as well as informs students of how file a complaint against another student and how to dispute decisions made by faculty or staff. The Student Code of Conduct as well as additional campus policies can be found in the Catalog.

Parents should strive to support their student as they pursue these processes - not try to resolve their problems for them or try to speak on their behalf. The Student Conduct Officer facilitates the student conduct process and is available to meet with and assist students who have questions about their rights, the conduct process, or how to file a complaint. Parents should be aware that students' conduct records are protected by FERPA, so questions about their individual student's behavior or conduct case may not be answered without the student's permission.