Finding What Works: Avoid What is Fun, Fast or Easy

Avoid What is Fun, Fast or Easy:Photo of a doorway with the words "I gave my best" above it.  Social media is full of people and companies trying to sell you on their latest powder, piece of gym equipment or diet that they guarantee will help you lose weight quickly or provide dramatic results in a short amount of time. The fact of the matter is that anything worth doing will take time and effort. Every time someone asks whether a new diet is good or bad I always pose the question of, “Will this be sustainable for you in the long-term?” Most often, the answer is no. Transformation doesn’t occur in a week. Instead, transformation takes consistency, hard work and paying attention to the little things. This doesn’t mean that wellness can’t be fun, but to make true wellness transformations, it won’t always be fun nor will it be an overnight process.

Want to learn more about other habits that can help you along the way? Check out the links below for additional information:

TIP #1: Change Your Environment

TIP #2: Accountability

TIP #3: Strive for Harmony Rather than Balance

TIP #4: Be Inspired

TIP #5: Sign Up for a New Challenge

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