Finding What Works: Accountability

While there is no perfect solution, recipe or magic pill for helping a person achieve their wellness goals, below are a few suggestions on how you might jump start some of those habits, and ultimately, improve your overall well-being in the new decade. You don’t know what works until you try it, so I’m providing a few of my own personal tips, tricks and things to think about if you’re looking to improve some of your wellness habits:Photo of Mary Kay Harton and Melissa Harrah by a stationary bike.

TIP #2 -- Accountability: I get it -- group exercise classes aren’t for everyone. However, as someone who actively enjoys exercising, I still need to have some accountability to help me do the things that I don’t always want to do on my own but I know are good for me. If you’re struggling to find motivation for yourself when it comes to exercise, consider joining a group exercise class as classes can help provide accountability, variety and you don’t have to think about what you’re going to do for your workout. In addition, group exercise classes can help folks push themselves out of their comfort zones a little bit more as you’re trying something new and the group atmosphere can provide some motivation that doesn’t always come as easily when you’re by yourself. The Health and Recreation Center offers a variety of group exercise classes that can help provide some accountability as it relates to becoming more active. Check out the complete group exercise schedule.

Want to learn more about other habits that can help you along the way? Check out the link below for additional information:

TIP #1: Change Your Environment


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