Workshop Series for Adult Students

As a parent or family member of a Harper student, you may have a general idea of what the college has to offer. What you may not know is that the Center for New Students and the Career Development Services offer a free workshop series for adult students or prospective students who are considering a new career direction. This spring, three workshops will be offered to help you define what you are looking for in a career and identify careers that will be a good fit for you. Then, you will learn how to make yourself a marketable job candidate and effectively search for jobs. This is an excellent way to learn about career options and get started on your way toward a new career path!

Guide your career path by examining your personality, interests, and values. Better understand the career decision-making process and leave with free access to popular career tools to help you with your next steps.

What are employers looking for in job candidates? Do you know how to market yourself? We will discuss the basics of job searching including resume writing.

Understand how to best prepare yourself for a job search. Better understand the job search process and the value of education. Receive access to popular job search tools which will help you with your next steps.