How to Encourage Campus Involvement - It's Easy!

Campus InvolvementAs Harper students commute to campus, many find that they come to campus for class then head home right after. Students who have the most positive college experience are the ones who find reasons to stay on campus outside of class. There are many benefits to getting involved in clubs or organizations on campus - it allows students to gain experience in academic or career fields, provides opportunities for volunteerism and service, adds an edge to transfer college applications and resumes, and is a great way to meet friends!

As a family member to a college student, you likely understand the importance of involvement in clubs and organizations, but you may not know how to help your student get involved. Luckily, the Student Activities Board (in and of itself a great organization for your student to join) is sponsoring Hullabaloo - a great big event showcasing the clubs, organizations, and campus resources that are available to your student.