Colorful Image Blocks

The Colorful Image Blocks snippet displays a grid of images with header text.  When a user mouses over, additional text appears. 

How to Create Colorful Image Blocks

  1. Place the cursor on your page where you want the Colorful Image Blocks snippet.
  2. Click on the Snippet icon in your tool bar (it looks like a puzzle piece), then choose Colorful Image Blocks.
  3. Edit the Colorful Image Blocks as needed.  In Edit mode, the Colorful Image Blocks snippet is shown as a table.
    1. The first box in each row contains the image.  To change the image, click on it to select it and click on the Image button in the toolbar.
    2. The second box in each row contains the header text, which will always display over the image.  If you don't want any text over the image, leave this field blank.
    3. The third box in each row contains the text that will appear when the mouse is hovered over it.  If you don't want any additional text to display, leave this field blank.


Last Updated: 11/3/21