Dual Bio Boxes

The Dual Bio Boxes snippet creates a pair of boxes with space for an image, name, and a quote.  It's great for showcasing staff or faculty members, or scholarship recipients. 

How to Create Dual Bio Boxes

  1. Place the cursor on your page where you want to place the Dual Bio Boxes snippet.
  2. Click on the Snippet icon in your tool bar (it looks like a puzzle piece), then choose Dual Bio Boxes.
  3. Edit the Dual Bio Boxes as needed. 


Scholarship Recipient

Zaira Ponce, Scholarship Recipient

Zaira Ponce
Scholarship Recipient

"I dream of becoming the first person in my whole family to attend a university."
Scholarship Recipient

Nikhil Paidipally, Scholarship Recipient

Nikhil Paidipally
Scholarship Recipient

"This money you provided could have been used for other purposes, but you made it available to students so they could better facilitate their futures."


Last Updated: 11/3/21