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ARTICLE WRITING WORKSHOP (LLA 0243): Have you ever thought about writing articles for publication? There are countless opportunities available in print and online outlets. We’ll explore options from building your portfolio to generating extra income. This class will walk you through the steps from inception to submission, including: brainstorming ideas for articles; cultivating resources; researching markets; revising; correctly formatting submissions; and pitching your story. Throughout the course, you will work on at least one article to submit to your chosen outlet(s). Readings and supportive workshop critiques will help polish your writing into a marketable piece.

CREATIVE NONFICTION WORKSHOP (LLA 0257): Designed for writers of any type of non-fiction work, this workshop will help you improve your essays, memoirs and literary journalism. Share your work; critique the work of others; and learn the tenets of each style of creative nonfiction. Explore diverse writing styles, traditions, and beliefs of writers from many cultures. Write and receive verbal critiques for works up to 5,000 words. This workshop serves as one of the foundational courses for our Continuing Education Writing Digital Badge and may be offered as either an in-person class or a hybrid online class. 

PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS WRITING (LLA 0043): Do you want to take your professional writing to the next level? Maybe you’re looking for a new job and wondering how to go about writing that cover letter? Sure, the formatting and rules around business writing seems daunting and tedious, but only if you are not prepared! In this class, we will explore standard letter writing, cover letters, business emails, and proposal writing. We will cover the basics and practice editing techniques. First class (2/1) will be on the main Harper College campus in Palatine. Subsequent courses will be facilitated through Blackboard.

THE PERSONAL ESSAY: A WRITING WORKSHOP (LLA 0233): This course guides you through elements of how to write a personal essay. It will help you investigate your longings, identify the values expressed in your stories, and bring readers into the experiences you describe. It focuses on viewpoints that are filtered through the lenses of your personal experiences. Therefore, any topic counts, from the ridiculous to the lofty. These essays will be quite different from the one you may have written in school; rather, they should feel personal and inspired by your unique voice and observations. In the process, you’ll strengthen your own and your readers’ interpretation of your life story. The course will help you in editing and preparation of your essay for publication.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.