Campus Construction


Bldg P Chiller Plant, 3/25/19-5/31/19
Refrigerant detection system improvements will be taking place. The work will be done in the basement of Bldg P and Bldg L 1st and 2nd floor mechanical rooms.

Bldg R, Flytower, 5/20/19-5/26/19
Contractor will be completing roof work during this time.

Bldg X, Autoni Lighting Upgrades, 11/12/18 - 6/30/19
Facilities will be upgrading the lighting in Building X. Work will be starting with the 1st and 2nd floors.

Bldg Y, Y211, 4/26/19
Contractor will be working outside Y211 Data Center.

Main Campus

Window Washing - 4/15/19-4/19/19
Contractor will be working throughout campus cleaning exterior windows.

Tennis Courts and Baseball Field - 4/19/19
Contractor will be completing hand auger tests on Friday, April 19.

Steam Shut Down – Wednesday, 4/24 through Thursday, 4/25

In order to repair piping in the Boiler House we need to turn off the steam service for the campus. Steam will be turned off at 8:30pm on Wednesday. The pipes require in the area require draining and then the contractor requires approximately 4 hours to make the required repairs to the piping. The boilers will then be turned on and the system will be brought to pressure. If there are no other issues (and we have had issues on every previous shutdown) it will take approximately 6- 8 hours to bring the system up. We expect the heat and hot water to be off from Wednesday evening through Thursday mid-morning. The temperature in the buildings will drop, but not to an uncomfortable level