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We strive to ensure a sustainable, healthy community for future generations of students.

Harper College is committed to reducing environmental impact across campus. Through campus up-grades, student coursework, community outreach and individual action, Harper is striving towards carbon neutrality to ensure a healthy, sustainable future at Harper and beyond.

Going Green while Learning and Working Remotely

While learning and working from home, you have been reducing your environmental footprint and maybe not even noticed. You’ve most likely been printing less, using reusable mugs for your home-brewed morning drink, and I know we have all been driving less. Many of these new habits are having an important and beneficial impact on environmental health. Let’s continue the trend and see how green our home classrooms and offices can be.

Tips for going green at home:

Unfortunately, not all classrooms and workspaces on campus have windows. But at home, we are able to choose where we learn and work, and setting up your space near natural light has some great wellness benefits as well as environmental. By using the free natural light coming in through your windows and reducing dependence on artificial light, you will be spending less money on your electricity bill and conserving our natural resources.

Make your home green with plants! Indoor plants provide many benefits to your home and well-being.

  • Purified Air—Plants naturally filter pollutants out of the air, providing cleaner air to breathe. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide from the air during photosynthesis, resulting in increased oxygen levels.
  • Humidity—Plants release water vapor into the air which can help increase indoor humidity levels, helping to reduce respiratory distress.
  • Well-Being—Plants elevate our mood and help us feel calm and less stressed. This can lead to increased productivity, happiness and health.

See beginner tips for growing indoor plants to get started.

You are probably already doing this since access to printers and paper is not as easily available at home. By saving and sharing most of our documents online we are greatly reducing waste from unnecessary print jobs. Reducing is even more environmentally friendly than recycling — keep up the good work!

Did you know? If it's smaller than a credit card, it shouldn't go in the recycle bin.

Knowing the proper way to sort out recyclables from trash has a major impact on preventing items from ending up in the landfill. RecyclingSimplified.com has easy to follow recycling tips to turn you into a recycling pro!


  • Try the 2-minute recycling QUIZ from Recycle By City Chicago.
  • Virtual Field Trip! Wonder where your recyclables go after they're picked up? Watch this video of a modern recycle facility to find out.
  • Download the recycling flyer from Republic Services for use on campus or at home.

Be your own barista — Many of us have probably switched from frequently purchasing a cup of coffee out, to brewing our own morning drinks at home. By using a reusable mug at home, you are saving single use plastic and paper material from ending up in the landfill. Think about all the money you are saving too!

Don't forget about your reusable water bottle! Fill up your bottle throughout the day to cut down on single use plastic bottles and cups and to cut down on dishwashing. Keeping the bottle full can also help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

What we eat can have a positive impact on sustaining our health and our environment. Challenge yourself to a meatless Monday (or any day!), find a recipe that sounds good and experiment.

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Find out how Harper College is embracing the concept of sustainability by taking a look back at the 2018–19 academic year in Harper's fifth annual Sustainability Report. This report highlights all things green on campus including green campus initiatives, waste reduction efforts and campus engagement. View the report online today.

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View Harper's sustainability reports from 2015, 2016,2017 and 2018.


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