Harper College


Free parking is available on campus

Yellow spaces are open to anyone. **No parking permit required. 

Parking lots marked “Employee Parking Only” will have red spaces. Employee parking lots require an employee parking sticker.

  • Employees will be issued a window parking sticker to be displayed on the passenger side of the front windshield (hangtags are no longer honored).
  • Employees who need parking sticker should contact the Harper College Police Department, 847.925.6330.

Occasionally, some lots may have restricted parking due to special events on campus. 

Parking safety

Emergency call boxes are located on campus, in the parking lots, and near the athletic fields. Their locations are marked with a blue light.

The call box is activated with a push-to-talk and release-to-listen button. Utilize these call boxes ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY to summon the Police. The Harper College Police Department will respond to any emergency call box activation.

Parking tickets

Pay tickets, review parking rules and regulations.

East Campus Parking Garage

East Campus Parking Structure

Yellow spaces: General parking open to anyone
Blue spaces: Employee parking

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Last Updated: 4/29/24