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Dr. Avis Proctor, president of Harper College

Season's greetings from Dr. Avis Proctor and Harper College

December 18, 2023

While the world can be, at times, a challenging place, we're reminded that every day at Harper College, we find opportunities, resources, connection and hope. Watch Dr. Proctor's Holiday Greeting

knit blankets and jewelry on display

Holiday Shopping at Studio V

December 06, 2023

Get all your holiday shopping done right on campus at Studio V! We have gorgeous Christmas décor, handmade knitted hats, one-of-a-kind jewelry, custom built charcuterie and serving boards, scented candles, cute wristlet purses and more. All of our items are made by Harper staff, students and local artisans. Hours are M, T, W 10 am – 4 pm and R 12 pm – 6 pm. Studio V is open until December 14. Come find us in J Building room 133 across from J Theatre. Read More

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Behind the Scenes: Unmasked

December 06, 2023

Go behind the scenes of Harper's 2021 Student Fashion Show, Unmasked, with these images. Read More

abstract wood and metal sculpture with wire and curves

Point of View 2023

November 07, 2023

Browse or download the 2023 edition of Point of View. The 2022 edition won the 1st place National Award for Best Magazine in the Community College Humanities Association's Literary Magazine Competition. Read More

Coolhead Welding Helmet

Eric Emery - Cool Head, LLC

September 06, 2023

Welders regularly face exposure to dangerous fumes in their work environment, which is often in an enclosed space. According to OSHA, depending on the type of fumes and length of exposure, a welder may be at risk of injuries that include eye, nose and throat irritation; dizziness and nausea; damage to lungs, kidneys, and nervous system; certain types of cancer; and asphyxiation. Read More

Last Updated: 12/14/23