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PUBLISH IT YOURSELF WORKSHOP (LLA 0104): Start down the road toward making money from your writing by building self-sufficiency as a digital publisher and become a published author in six weeks. Learn to use the latest tools and methods to self-publish articles, eBooks, bound books, and blogs through a blend of classroom instruction and exercises, online research, and peer interaction. Using the leading self-publishing system and best-selling resources you will be guided through the process of developing your words and pictures from an idea into a published work that will generate royalties within days. We will also walk through developing a budget for your project that goes from no-cost to low-cost. To maximize your benefit, you should be ready to take some existing idea you have for an article or book and publish it digitally, be comfortable using the Internet for research, email and social media and have experience with Microsoft Office or an equivalent. 

THE BOOK MARKETING WORKSHOP (LLA 0109): You’ve written your first book. Now what? Many self-publishing authors just aren’t ready to use today’s digital and traditional marketing strategies to find their audiences and sell books into the hands of future fans and followers. Learn the basics of book promotion—pricing, promotion, placement and more—using the world’s global bookstore,, and other channels. Write a compelling book description and author bio, refine your search engine effectiveness with pinpoint categorization and keywords, build your marketing plan, and learn from your peers. Attend this workshop if you have already published or as a follow-up to the Publish-It-Yourself Workshop.

Please note, not all courses are offered every semester.