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CHINA: RE-EVOLUTION TO WORLD POWER (LLI 0104): China is a manufacturing powerhouse and the world’s second largest economy. But China began the 20th century under a feudal economy. It suffered enormous losses at the hands of the Japanese in WWII, and underwent a tumultuous Cultural Revolution in the 1960’s. How has China transformed itself so quickly? And where will its new global wealth and influence take it? Peggy Eastwood experienced China’s incredible changes first-hand over several decades. She shares a behind-the-headlines look at the county’s unprecedented growth during the 20th century and its aggressive new initiatives in the 21st.

DECONSTRUCTING THE NEWS (LLI 1186): With the term “fake news” so prevalent, how can we determine what is reliable? With “post-truth” and “truthiness” in our vocabulary, is truth relevant in the news? This course provides tools to make your own informed analysis. Laura Ehrke helps you deconstruct a news story and evaluate the elements that make it news (or not). Engage in a lively discussion of current news topics and reporting. Each term, we’ll explore a different aspect of news reporting, so take this course as often as you wish. This class is part of the Illinois Press Association’s News Literacy/Civic Engagement project.

FOREIGN POLICY ROUNDTABLE (LLI 0880): Professor Gary Midkiff will lead a monthly, two-hour group discussion about current and future issues affecting American foreign policy and the range of responses we might choose for each of those issues. Participants will help select the topics to be discussed at each meeting and via their e-mail addresses will be given topics to prepare for, articles to read, and videos to watch. During the summer session, topics to be covered will include: The Future of the Kurds, The Proxy War in Yemen and Pakistan Confronts the Taliban.

GREAT DECISIONS DISCUSSION (LLI 0104): Engage in a lively exchange of opinions on world events led by Gary Midkiff. Prior to the discussion, you will read a topic in the briefing booklet prepared by the Foreign Policy Association. Each topic is written by experts and provides a concise, comprehensive overview. Our registration deadline is one month prior to the first class meeting. You will receive confirmation that the course will be held, topics for discussion, and information on how to purchase the briefing book from the Foreign Policy Association. Course meets every other week.

REFUGEE CRISIS IN GERMANY - THREE YEARS LATER (LLI 6072): The world looked at Germany incredulously when in the summer of 2015, Chancellor Merkel opened Germany’s borders to more than one million refugees and asylum seekers. Equipped with a sturdy social net and a pressing moral obligation to help those in need, Germany seemed to be a new promised land for many of the refugees. But how has the refugee crisis been dealt with during these past three years? Join Anette Isaacs for a fascinating update on the successes and challenges that evolved from Chancellor Merkel’s historic decision.

Please note: Not all classes are offered every semester. 

Classes are offered at the Harper College Main Campus as well as at our partner locations. Please check the current schedule or call 847.925.6300 to confirm the location of your class.