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GETTING STARTED (LLI 6046): Find your roots! Start your search now. Steve Szabados draws from his genealogical research expertise to describe the many resources available for finding records and information about your ancestors and their history. Both Internet and archival research are covered.

GENEALOGY - ADVANCED RESEARCH TECHNIQUE AND EUROPEAN ANCESTORS (LLI 6047): If you understand the basics of genealogical research and are ready to take the next step in your genealogical research this is your class. We will start with a review of techniques and information about DNA that may save you time and help overcome research barriers. We will also discusses a process to find your European roots including finding birthplaces in Europe and how to find your European roots.

GENEALOGY-EUROPEAN IMMIGRATION TO AMERICA 1800-1940 (LLI 6048): When did your ancestors immigrate? Where did they come from? Why did they leave, and how did they get here? These are questions many hope to answer. This presentation offers a variety of solutions for finding answers to some of your questions about your European ancestors and their immigration stories. Our focus will be on where and how they left their villages in Europe, the voyage and port of arrival in America and arrival and their new life in America.

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